DIY Outdoor Solar Fountain

If you've ever heard the sound of an outdoor fountain then you know how beautifully relaxing it can be. 

I've always wanted a fountain on my deck but frankly they are pretty expensive and usually you need a readily available power source. 

Today I'm making my own inexpensive fountain that works off solar power! 

Take a look! 

backyard seating area and fountain

One day while shopping on Amazon, I ran across a solar fountain. It looked pretty cool and I wondered if it actually worked. It said you could drop it right into your birdbath. 

I figured if it would work in a shallow birdbath then I bet I could make a DIY fountain with one. 

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I went to Home Depot and bought a large black resin planter saucer. I bought a 14 1/2" saucer and it was $6.00.

I had a heavy pot with an attached base that I decided to use for the base. 

white planter

The first thing I did was to give the planter a coat of flat black spray paint so it would match the plastic saucer I bought. 

spray painting planter on cardboard

When the paint dried I used E6000 glue to attach the plastic saucer to the bottom of the upside down black planter. 

saucer on planter with iron weight

That's all I had to do to create the structure of the fountain. 

I bought black river rocks, mine came from Dollar Tree and I used 3 packages. I dumped the rocks into the saucer then moved it outdoors. 

saucer of river rocks

I filled the fountain up with water and placed the solar fountain in the water on top of the rocks. 

fountain on table with frogs


fountain with frogs

Finally, I added a metal frog sculpture that came from my Grandmother's house. 

saucer with rocks and fountain

When the sun shines the solar fountain sprays out a beautiful spray of water. It makes a very relaxing sound. Take a peek at the video:

I couldn't be happier with my simple DIY fountain and it didn't cost much at all! 

fountain top view with frogs


top view of round fountain

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fountain with overlay for pin

It seems my cat Kitty likes the fountain too! 😂 

cat drinking out of fountain

I guess I'll be filling it up more than I thought!

fountain with frogs on table

But wait! .... The day after I made this I was in the thrift store and found a huge glass lamp shade. I filled up the hole in it and placed it on a stand. I made another fun fountain that is even bigger! Keep your eyes open, you can never have enough fountains going! 

fountain made from repurposed globe

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frog in fountain


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