Glass Bead and Bell Wind Chime

Today I made a fun and interesting wind chime to hang on my fence for cheap! 

This quick little project catches the light and gives a little jingle when the wind blows. 

A few supplies from the dollar store and a few more from my stash and I was ready to create! 

Take a look...

glass bead wind chime on fence

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I began with a few simple supplies. 

  • A piece of drift wood

glass beads and fishing wire

I began by tying a bell at the end of a length of fishing line. The length of the fishing line is up to you, mine are about 18 " long.

bell and glass bead

Once the bell was tied on the end I began attaching the glass beads. I used a drop of E6000 glue and sandwiched the fishing line between 2 glass beads. 

row of glass beads

I did this all the way up the length of the fishing line leaving about 4" at the end. 

glass beads on fishing line

I did this to about 8 lengths of fishing line. I made some beaded strings shorter and some longer. 

glass beads and bells

The longer lengths had a bell at the end and about 8 beads, the shorter had a bell and 5 beads. 

lengths of beads with bells

I let the glue dry for about 5 hours. 

Next, I found a piece of drift wood. A branch or a piece of scrap wood would work too. 

wooden board and lengths of beaded fishing line

I drilled 2 holes for a hanger and 8 holes for my beaded strings. 

strings of beads and bells tied to drift wood

I tied each of the beaded strings in random order through the drilled holes and added a tiny drop of E6000 to secure the knot. 

wooden board with holes and strings

At the end I added some larger glass beads I had in my workshop but this part was not necessary. 

larger glass beads at top of windchime


glass bead wind chime on house

That's it! 

hanging beaded wind chime

I wish you could see the sparkle! 

hanging beaded wind chime

I hung the wind chime on the fence with these cool fence and siding hangers I ran across recently on Amazon!

fence hanger

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hanging wind chime with overlay


I love the sparkle and the jingle this easy project gives to my backyard. 

wind chime with glass beads on fence

See what else I've made using these glass beads. 

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wind chime on fence


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