Garden Pyramid Trellis from Scraps

I've been spending the days working out in the yard now that Spring has sprung!

I'm repurposing old garden decor by giving things a new coat of paint or even completely redoing them. 

Today was one of those projects. 

When I found that my garden trellis had broken over the winter I decided to give it a new life. 

Take a look...

future garden plans from last year

The garden trellis I bought at Home Depot for cheap a few years ago was broken this year and when my husband asked if he should throw it away I said heck no!

old broken trellis

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When I said I would repurpose it he even wanted to help! I began by pulling off the cross pieces so I was left with the 4 longest pieces. 

My husband held the long pieces together while I wrapped wire around the top to hold them together temporarily. 

4 long pieces with wire wrapped around

At this point the trellis was wobbly. I built it on the deck and was a busy place! 

4 pieces of trellis on deck

Next, I cut the remaining pieces of the trellis that I tore off into 6" lengths. I nailed the pieces across from one another on the long pieces using my nail gun. At this time I also nailed the top together and removed the wire.

Once the top pieces were attached I searched my workshop for more scrap wood to make longer strips of wood on the bottom of the trellis. 

trellis on coffee table

I found an old canvas frame in the basement so I cut it into 12" lengths and nailed them across from each other at the bottom of the trellis. 

I did a little sanding on the edges then stuck the trellis into the garden for the next step. Obviously our garden is "in the works." Don't worry if your pieces are not completely level when it stands on the floor because it doesn't matter when it sits in the dirt! 

pyramid trellis in garden

Lastly I spray painted the trellis right there in the garden with Rustoleum 2x Ultracover Paint and Primer in Green Apple. Don't worry I'll be cleaning out that painted dirt before I plant the garden!  

green garden trellis in garden

The stenciled old screen door was a project I made several years ago. 

green trellis in the garden

Lastly, I added an American flag to the top and we are ready to go on this garden!! 

Now this is not a perfect trellis by any means but it did use the scrap pieces of wood that might have been thrown out (not by me) and looks adorable in the garden too! 

American flag on top of Pyramid trellis

Before we turned this into a vegetable garden I had a perennial garden that I just loved! 

perennial garden

We built the fence at the beginning of Spring a few years back and this weekend we will be tilling the soil, conditioning the soil and making the garden ready for the vegetables. 

garden with fence

I also added a DIY outdoor sink that worked off the hose using pressure treated lumber last year. 

outdoor sink

Please pin for later --->> 

garden trellis with overlay pin


Green spray painted pyramid trellis

At the time of writing this post the garden was not ready but I'm looking forward to finishing off all the 'to do' items on my backyard list real soon! I'm looking forward to this...

garden plans

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garden trellis in garden



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