Recycled Can Herb Planter

Here is a very cute idea for recycled tin cans. 

You may have seen this project before but how cute if you made a bunch of them, one for each of the herbs?!

I'm starting with just one but it is cute enough, and easy enough, to make more! 

Take a look...

hanging herb garden can on deck

I began with a tin can, the kind beans come in. 

I'm honestly not sure if I should call them "tin" cans or if that dates me? They aren't really aluminum cans either... metal cans? Recycled cans?

Tin can

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Anyway here is what I did with one...

I tore off the label and with a hammer gently smashed down one of the sides of the can until it was flat. I did it carefully so the can would be folded perfectly in half at the bottom. You may even want to use a piece of wood between the hammer and the can to get a straight edge. 

tin can with one side flat

There will be a little slit of space on the hammered end of the can which is just what you'll need for drainage. 

Next, using a drill, I drilled a hole in 2 sides of the can. If you don't have a drill this can be done with a hammer and large nail. 

drilling holes in can

I painted the can with 2 coats of Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk. I used FMP because it holds up well outside and easily sticks to most surfaces including metal. 

aluminum can painted white

When the paint was dry I used the Garden Labels stencil to stencil the word herbs onto the front of the can with moss green paint. 

herb stencil by Old Sign Stencils

The stencil set comes with several different herb names. You can pick and choose what you want for your cans or use them all! 

painted can with herbs stenciled


I used rebar wire to create a curly hanger through the holes I drilled in the can. 

can with stencil and wire hanger

I'm using an S hook to hang the can outside. I just picked up this parsley from the nursery and I think I need to give it some water!

trellis with flower and herb garden planter

The tutorial for the terra cotta plant markers can be found here. 

You can hang these anywhere, even in the kitchen in a bright window. 

parsley in garden can

I think I'm going to make some more for the rest of my herbs. They will look adorable hanging on a trellis! 

herb garden can on deck

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herb garden planter with overlay


herb garden planter on trellis

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herb garden planter out in sunshine

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