Repurposed Cement Fountain Planter with a Light

 Score! Driving down the road this morning and I saw out of the corner of my eye, a large cement thing. 

I turned the car around for a closer look and sure enough it was cement. 

A cement fountain that must have broken over the winter because all that was at the curb was the top. 

Now look at it! ...

planter with solar light

So as I said, I turned the car around and wouldn't you know it but the home owners were outside.... embarrassing! But hey, I'm a pro at picking things up on the side of the road. 

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I pulled over and opened the hatch on my car then grabbed the cement fountain top and sped away. It was not cracked and was just as cool as I had hoped it would be. It even had the tubes still attached. 

fountain top with tubes

I had plans for this beauty right away! The first thing I did was to remove the tubes, they actually fell right out. 

I wanted to add a Dollar Tree solar light to the top but when I dropped it into the hole it fell right in, all the way in. 

solar light

So I grabbed a terra cotta pot and turned it upside down. The hole in the pot was the perfect size to hold the solar light. I thought about painting the pot with this cement paint treatment but I'm going to live with it like this for a while.

planter with a pot and solar light

Next, I filled the fountain with pebbles and soil. I didn't fill it too high because I didn't want the dirt to run out the fluted edges. 

I planted pansies for now because our weather is just getting warm in New York. I was actually on my way to buy pansies when I ran across this lovely find. 

solar light planter with pansies


planter with pansies

I planted a few pansies around the pot and voila I had a beautiful cement planter for my deck.

planter with pansies and solar light

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repurposed solar light and overlay

And bonus! It lights up at night and looks amazing! 

planter with pansies and light at night


repurposed planter at night

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cement planter with solar light and pansies


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