Vertical Garden Planter Herbs

When I set up my potting bench for the spring I realized I had a lot of terra cotta pots in all sizes. 

Then when I saw different configurations for herb gardens on Pinterest, I realized had just the supplies I needed!

Three terra cotta pots in 3 different sizes were almost all I needed to create a gorgeous herb garden for my deck! 

Take a look...

three tiered garden planter with herbs

So first, I moved the potting bench I made a few years ago from an unused area of the yard to right in the middle of our fire pit area

Helpful hint: The dowel rack below is a good idea for keeping the terra cotta pots safe. It is just a simple 2x4 with 1" dowels.

garden bench with pots

You can read all about the string holder and what I used as the hook rack by visiting this post. The black tray on the potting table is another repurposed idea for keeping the soil in one place. 

string holder, grapevine wreath and hook rack

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Moving the table was a good move! The potting bench is now visible from most areas of the yard including the deck. It holds all kinds of pots and I rigged a few creative hanging ideas from the vinyl fence using repurposed items. 

pots on garden table

I was all set with the three sizes of terra cotta pots though you can also use three sizes of plastic pots for this project.  

pot with rocks and dowel

I began by dropping a wooden dowel attached to a base into the bottom of my largest pot. This I made using a 1" dowel and the wooden top to a candle. I covered it with rocks to hold the base down. 

pot with dirt and dowel

Next, I filled the pot up with soil. The top of the dowel showed through the soil so I dropped the middle sized pot through the dowel and filled that one with more soil. 

second pot with dowel

Lastly, and I had to make the hole in the smallest pot a little larger with a drill, I added the top pot and filled the last one with soil. 

larger hole in terra cotta pot

third layer with dowel

Many gardeners have made tiered pot planters of all kinds but I if I do say so myself, the dowel idea was a good one to hold the pots together securely.

tiered herb garden with top plant

Three tiered garden with rosemary

The only thing left to do was to take a trip to the nursery and grab my favorite herbs to fill up the pots. 

three tiered garden with potting bench in distance

The "shed" box in the distance is another DIY project made from a repurposed bread box to keep my garden tools dry. 

top view of planter with herbs

I used 2 kinds of basil, rosemary, and flat leaf parsley.  I didn't want to plant what I don't use so I filled it with what I love to cook with. 

three tiered planter filled with herbs

The last thing I did was to make a little stake that says "herbs" to add to the pot. The sign is just simple scrap wood with a finial on top. 

herb sign with finial

The stencil is Garden Labels from Old Sign Stencils. I also used this stencil to create garden markers for Mother's Day a few years ago. 

tiered planter with herbs and a sign


herb garden with sign

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tiered planter with overlay

The herbs will fill in as soon as the weather stays warm and I'll keep them cut back by using them for cooking. 

three tiered garden planter with herbs


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herb garden , geranium and potting bench in distance

The deck box in the photo is a recent purchase to hold all my decorative outdoor pillows

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