Old Sign Birdhouse Plant Stake

 Here's a quick one for the garden! 

You all know how I like to repurpose old signs and turn them into new projects...

Well today is no different. While searching for scrap wood to build a birdhouse stake for a potted plant, I ran across a scrap of an old sign I could use. 

Take a look...

outdoor container garden with wooden birdhouse stake

So this project began with another scrap of an old sign I once made. I used an Old Sign Stencil on this sign and while I loved the way the original sign came out, it has run its course. 

old pumpkin sign

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Recently I made risers from an old tree sign and they came out great! 

pine tree risers on a striped table runner

I cut up the sign and used some of it for another project. Today I'm using just a small 4x8ish piece of the sign to create a birdhouse stake. 

piece of wooden sign

I began by cutting one end of the sign to a point. 

wooden sign piece cut to a point on one end

Next, I tried a couple of different drill bits for the faux hole in the birdhouse but nothing really worked for what I wanted so I painted a circle for the hole onto the wood. 

birdhouse with hole

Next, I found 2 more scrap wood pieces and glue and nailed them to the top of my birdhouse for a roof. I painted them with a dry brush the same off-white color as the sign. 

birdhouse roof

I created a hole for the perch using a 1/4" drill bit and a small piece of joiner dowel.

birdhouse stake with hole 

At the same time I drilled a hole in the bottom of the birdhouse to hold the stake. 

hole in bottom of birdhouse

I had a long rusty pipe I had found on a walk at one time and I added a nut to the end. I used E6000 and hot glue and glued it into the hole on the bottom of the birdhouse. 

metal pole in bottom of birdhouse

Lastly, I sprayed the birdhouse with a spray sealer and I was done! 

birdhouse with metal pole

All I had to do was to go out and stick it in a plant! 

birdhouse plant stake in purple flowers

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garden birdhouse with overlay

This old sign birdhouse is adorable in a planter. 

garden stake birdhouse in purple flower pot


container gardens with birdhouse

The "locally grown" fence sign in the background can be found by visiting this post

herb garden with stencil

Make a birdhouse in any size using any scrap wood, it only takes a few minutes to add a little birdhouse decor to the garden. 

American flag plant stake in galvanized pots

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old sign birdhouse stake in pot of purple flowers


Container garden

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birdhouse stake in container garden


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