Mini Snowmen and a Game

You've heard of reindeer games I'm sure... but have you heard of a snowman game? 

This is a fun one that starts out with a craft and ends up with a game and it's not too late to try this. 

The kids and grandkids are going to love it! Especially the grandkids because you can do it at their house! 😂

Take a look!  

row of snowmen

I found the cutest little tiny unfinished snowmen at the Dollar Tree recently. 

mini unfinished snowmen

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I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but if nothing else they'd make cute bowl fillers. 

I'm using 2 packages of 8 so I have a whole bunch of little cute snowmen for the game. 

I started out by painting them. I used Waverly Chalk Paint in the color Plaster. I painted them using a baby wipe so they had a stained effect. 

painting snowmen white and a brush

You can hardly see that they were painted so if you are pressed for time, leave off the white paint!

Next, I used black craft paint to paint the little hats. 

snowmen with black hats

Finally, I used a Sharpie marker to make the eyes and mouths and then an orange marker for the carrot noses! 

Snowmen with faces and hats

I tied a piece of red baker's twine around their necks for a scarf and I was done! 

bakers twine and a snowman

That was it! 

snowmen with little scarves

They are just the cutest! 

snowmen in a bowl

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bowl of snowmen and an overlay

And now for the holiday game for kids....

snowmen in bowl with overlay

You go over to your son or daughter's house and hide the snowmen all around the house. The key is however, not to tell anyone you hid them. They will be so excited to keep finding them in random places! 

Hide them in the refrigerator, 

snowman in refrigerator

on picture frames, 

hidden mini snowman

or in the bathroom. 

snowman with soap on sink

Hide them in plain sight and at the level of the children. 

snowman on wall ledge

Don't tell them you hid them, just drop them around wherever you go. 

mini wooden snowmen

Then little by little the kids will find them. 

snowman on a brick background

When they go to brush their teeth... snowman!

toothpaste and toothbrush

When they reach for a glass... snowman! 

snowman in glass

You can even drop them in the cereal bowl they'll be using the next day! 

snowman in bowl

Nobody is going to know how many there are or where they'll find the next one! 

snowman on a shelf

This is a fun game for before Christmas or even for after the holidays! 

snowman on mirror


circle of snowmen

So the next time you're babysitting... hide a few snowmen after they go to bed! 😂 It will be so much fun! 

mirror with snowman on the ledge

I may even do this for my 25 year old that just moved home... she won't know what is going on! 😂

snowmen and an overlay

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brass bowl with snowmen


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