Velvet Christmas Mushrooms

This project began with a trip to Michaels this weekend. I ran across the cutest velvet mushrooms that were 60% off. 

I showed the mushrooms to my daughter who said "Mom, you could make those, just look at them and see how they were made."

And so I did. 

I gathered recycled supplies from around the house and got to work creating the cutest mushrooms that can be displayed at Christmas or all year round! 

Take a look...

velvet Christmas mushrooms with greenery and glitter

I'm not sure where my new obsession with mushrooms came from but it's definitely a thing. I notice mushrooms wherever I go and I've acquired quite the collection. 

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These are the mushrooms I loved at Michaels. They were velvet, cotton, and had a stand.

jewel tone mushrooms at michaels

I didn't have those jewel tone colors, which was fine because I'd love them even better in red. It was then I remembered a few red velvet pillow covers I had in storage, I could definitely sacrifice one for a good project! I grabbed the pillow cover and got to work! 

I cut a large circle from the red velvet pillow cover. It was about a 6" circle which was about 1/4 of the pillow cover. I can make 4 from one side of a pillow cover. 

red velvet circle

Using a needle and thread I stitched around the edge of the circle and gathered it up to create a pocket. 

stitching around edges of circle

I filled the pocket up with pillow stuffing and topped it off with a large size mason jar lid. You can also cut a circle from cardboard for this part. The jar lid makes the bottom of the mushroom flat. 

stuffing a mushroom cap

I pulled the string tightly so it almost closed around the stuffing and mason jar lid. Make sure you leave a little opening. 

gathered red velvet

Next, I worked on the stem...

I folded rebar wire into thirds. It was about 4" long when folded. 

folded rebar wire

I wrapped the wire in a piece of an old curtain I've been using for 100's of projects lately. You can also use drop cloth fabric. 

wrapped rebar wire

Then using a 1/2" strip of frayed curtain fabric, I wrapped the stem from one end to the other.

2 wrapped mushroom stems

I used hot glue to attach the stem into the gathered hole on the bottom of the velvet mushroom cap. 

stem in mushroom cap

Next, using another strip of the curtain fabric, about 1 1/2" x 6", I again hand stitched one side to gather the fabric. I'm using red thread to show the stitching. 

gathered strip of fabric

gathered mushroom bottom

I pulled it tight and then wrapped and glued it around the stem on the bottom of the mushroom cap. 

bottom of mushroom

It made the perfect gathered mushroom bottom! 

Now it was time to make a stand for my mushroom. 

wooden block stand with hole

I grabbed a scrap of wood, drilled a 3/4" hole in the center, then stained the wood. 

I used hot glue again to hold the mushroom into the hole then decorated around the bottom of the mushroom with moss. 

mushroom stem in wood with moss

I did the same procedure with one more red mushroom and a smaller brown mushroom that I made from 2 1/2" velvet ribbon that I glued together. 

brown velvet ribbon

I attached the brown mushroom to the base of the red mushroom and bent it slightly. The rebar wire in the stem lets you bend the mushroom in any direction. On the bottom of the brown mushroom I wrapped some macrame twine to give it a different look. 

brown and red mushroom on a stand

The bottoms of the mushrooms are almost cuter than the tops! 

hand holding mushroom

Lastly, I needed spots for my red mushrooms so I am using the soft side of white velcro dots from the Dollar Tree. 

velcro mushroom spots

I added a coffee stained tag to one mushroom that says PEACE using click together stamp letters

mushroom with coffee stained tag

I think these mushrooms came out better than the ones at Michaels! 

velvet mushrooms

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velvet mushrooms with overlay

I'm so glad I decided to take my daughter's advice and make them myself! She is very talented and has made many projects with me here on Homeroad.

velvet mushrooom and mushroom statue


red velvet mushrooms on stands

The best part is that I didn't have to buy a thing! I used all recycled materials and things I had on hand! 

red velvet mushrooms on stand

I'm calling these Christmas mushrooms because they look beautiful on the mantel with greens and maybe even a sprinkling of a fine white glitter or epsom salts for snow! 

mushrooms with greenery and glitter


red velvet mushrooms with spots

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velvet mushrooms on stands


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