Vintage Christmas Wreath

If you've been around for a while this season you may have seen the vintage snowman banner I made from napkins I found at Home Goods. 

What you probably don't know is that it was a super popular project!  One of my very favorites this season and right now it is enjoying life in its new home.

Recently, on another trip to Home Sense, which is like Home Goods in case you don't know, I found a few more packs of Christmas napkins and today I'm doing another fun project with them. 

Take a look...

Wreath with Santa heads

This time, it's Santa!

package of Santa napkins

A great pack of Santa napkins in the same vintage style as the snowmen

This time I'm doing a different technique with slightly different supplies. Last time I used cardboard and Mod Podge. This time I'm using cardboard and plain old white school glue. The last time I traced the napkins onto the cardboard, this time I am just slopping the glue all over the cardboard and going from there! A different technique that might be easier for some! 

napkin with 4 santa images

First thing was to cut apart the napkin. One napkin makes 4 Santas. I separated the layers and made a pile of only the top layer with the Santa designs. 

santa napkin top layer

For this project I'm making 6 Santas so I'm using 2 napkins. There are plenty leftover for Christmas entertaining too! 

Like I said I slopped the white glue all over my 2 cardboard pieces and let it dry. 

cardboard smeared with school glue

Then I laid my top napkin layers onto the cardboard. Ok, it was almost dry! 

santa napkins on cardboard

Next, I covered the napkins with parchment paper and ironed it using my small craft iron

ironing over parchment paper with craft iron

When I lifted the parchment paper, the Santas were perfectly flat and stuck to the cardboard.

Santa napkins decoupaged to cardboard


Next, I cut out each Santa head. 

cut out cardboard Santa heads

I used a heavy duty hole punch to punch holes in the Santas.  At this moment the heavy duty hole punch is unavailable. 

cardboard Santa and hole punch

The next step is to sand the edges of the Santa heads with fine sandpaper. 

sander and Santa head

Then I used an archival stamp pad and a soft brush to distress the edges of each Santa. 

Santa head with archival stamp pad and brush

Next, I used a thin white wire to attach the cardboard Santas to a wreath. This one came from Michaels. 

roll of white wire

Santa head wired to wreath

And that was it! 

Cardboard Santas on a wreath

You could add a bow but I liked it without one. All that was left to do was to hang it up! 

Santa wreath on glass door


Santa heads on Christmas wreath

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Santa wreath with overlay

You could also attach these Santa heads to twine and create a Christmas banner like the snowman banner. 

Santas on wreath

I think my favorite is the 1950's look of these vintage napkins! 

Santa wreath hanging on door


Santa head wreath on door

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Santa wreath on glass door


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