Recycled Crocheted Christmas Tree Bowl Fillers

You may know how much I love recycling fabric. Actually, clothing fabric from the donation pile. 

I have 4 daughters and forever they've been getting rid of perfectly good clothes and I've been picking through the pile. 

Sometimes I even find something to wear! 

All of my children have left the nest as of this month but the pile is still here and you won't believe what I found this time to use for a Christmas project! 

Take a look --->>  

Crocheted Christmas trees in a bowl

Do you fill bowls every season with festive fillers like I do? Every season I make something new to fill a wooden bowl. 

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When I found this crocheted mini top (I sure wasn't going to wear this one 😆) in my daughter's pile of clothes for donation I knew it had great potential. It had a beautiful crocheted pattern and the color was perfect! 

I'm certainly not expecting you to have the same shirt but the directions are the same for any crocheted shirt or vest you may find at the thrift store or have in your closet. 

crocheted cropped shirt

I am using this beautiful crocheted shirt to make crocheted Christmas tree bowl fillers. Nobody will believe you didn't crochet them yourself! The shirt is inside out in this photo because I was ready to go! 

First I turned the shirt inside out and cut 2 large triangles from the doubled fabric. 

triangles of crocheted fabric

It is the finished bottom scalloped edge of these triangles that makes it! 

scalloped edge of fabric

You can use a sewing machine to sew the 2 top sides but my sewing machine had black thread in it and I was just too lazy to change it so I hand sewed the edges, right sides together. Hand sewing worked out great!

hand stitched triangle and thread

Next, I turned the triangles right side in. 

triangle of crocheted fabric

And then I made a few more, one with the ruffled sleeve of the shirt. The little rounded tree is going to have another use... keep reading.

three triangles of crocheted fabric

I searched my yard first for sticks and when I didn't find any I resorted to using stained wooden dowels. Ideally I would have liked to use rustic sticks or even better... vintage spindles. I'm going to have to replenish my stash.

I stuck the stick inside the tree and stuffed around it. 

stuffed tree with a stick and stuffing

I am using Polyfil pillow stuffing to stuff my trees but you can use the inside of an old pillow just as well. 

I used hot glue to close the bottom of the tree and to stick the fabric to the dowel. 

Crocheted tree with stick and bow

At this point I decided the trunk was too long so I cut it shorter. 

Lastly, I tore a ribbon of drop cloth fabric and added a bow and a rusty bell to the bottom of the tree. 

crocheted Christmas trees

You may also want to add ornaments or a rusty star to your tree but I like mine a little bit plain. 

Christmas trees in a wooden bowl

That's it! All that was left to do was to drop them in a beautiful wooden bowl. 

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crocheted Christmas tree and overlay


wooden bowl with trees

They really came out adorable, the crocheted fabric from the shirt is gorgeous as a tree. Someone is going to think these trees are hand crocheted. 

They will also look great tied to a package! 

Christmas trees on wooden table

Another idea is to add a string to the top to hang these little cuties on the tree or around the house. 

So go check your donation pile, the back of your closet, or make a trip to the thrift store for a crocheted sweater, vest, or shirt! You'll be glad you did! 


wooden bowl with trees

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wooden bowl with crocheted trees



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