Velvet Mushroom Christmas Ornaments

Another labor of love project for me today! 

I'm creating velvet mushroom ornaments to hang on a small Christmas tree. 

They make great gifts or package decorations and can be sewn or not sewn and decorated in several different ways. 

Take a look...


tree with velvet mushrooms and funnel tree

Like I've said before, I'm on a mushroom kick lately.  I just finished these pretty velvet mushrooms on stands and I had extra red velvet fabric leftover so hey... how about some mushroom ornaments?

velvet mushrooms on stands

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I began this project with red velvet fabric scraps from an old pillow cover I had and some corks. Goodness knows I have wine corks thanks to all my friends that send them to me! 

circle on back of pillow cover

I started with a circle cut from the pillow cover. I'm using the back and the front of the pillow cover. A roll of masking tape made the perfect sized circles. My pillow cover had a linen backing. 

masking tape circle

The first mushrooms I made were hand stitched around the edges of the circle using a whip stitch. This gave the edges of the mushroom caps a frayed look. 

whip stitched circle

I stuffed the mushroom cap with a tiny bit of pillow stuffing and closed it up. 

Next, I decorated the top of the cork with a little coffee stained and frayed toile fabric. 

On the top of the mushroom I added small round velcro circles for the spots. I used the felty side of the velcro. You can also use sequins, beads, or drops of white puffy paint for the dots. 

velcro dots on mushroom cap

I hot glued the cork with the trim to the bottom of the mushroom cap. 

toile fabric on mushroom

Lastly, I stitched on a thin 3/8" velvet ribbon for the hanger. 

velvet ribbon on mushroom top

Now if you are not a sewer I'm making another version using hot glue.  This one is recycled buffalo check from a fabric napkin. 

mushroom cap of buffalo check

I went around the edge of the mushroom cap with hot glue, stuffed and closed up the opening.  I did find that the hot glue gave the mushroom cap a cleaner look, the stitching looks more frayed. Both are cute! 

The cork and the ribbon are also attached with hot glue. 

ribbon and buffalo check mushroom

Another thing you could do is to add a piece of cardboard between the layers of the mushroom cap and stuff it above the cardboard. This will give your mushroom ornaments a flatter bottom. 

buffalo check hanging mushroom

That's it!  That's all it take to make these little cuties. 

mushrooms on a tree and a funnel tree

I did however get slightly carried away and made a bunch using a few different ideas I had. 

A few had lace trim around the top of the stem. 

lace trimmed velvet mushrooms

Another mushroom I added a little macrame cording around that to give it a different look. 

mushroom with lace and string

I used half of a champagne cork for one of the mushroom stems giving it a shorter look. 

champagne cork mushroom stem

shorter red velvet mushroom

One of the mushrooms got a frayed piece of torn fabric as the trim at the top of the stem. 

mushrooms with cork stems on tree

You can add a fine dusting of glitter to your mushrooms if you'd like a little sparkle. 

mushroom with dusting of glitter


glittered mushrooms

Any way you want to make them they come out great! The perfect ornament for any mushroom lover! 

mushrooms on a tree

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red velvet Christmas ornaments on tree


Velvet Christmas ornaments on tree

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mushroom ornaments on tree on table


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