Repurposed Thrift Store Find

The thrift store find I'm showing you today was found way before Christmas but I had so many posts to write with a Christmas deadline, I saved this one for right before Christmas. 

This post is to show you that no matter what it is, if it at the thrift store, if it catches your eye and looks interesting, grab it! After Christmas when you're back out at the thrift stores, keep your eyes open! 

You can always add paint and you never know what you can do with it when you get home... like this...

Take a look...


rub and buff metal base

This photo is not the way it looked when I found it on a recent trip to the thrift store. It started out as a bright gold, shiny base of some kind. I loved the idea of a base of some kind but it was such a shiny cheap looking gold that I almost passed it up. 

gold crown

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I ended up going around the thrift store a few times then went back to the base and grabbed it. 

When I got it home I quickly gave it a coat of spray black matte paint. (So quick that I didn't even take before photos) then I went over the black when it dried with Rub and Buff in Gold Leaf. You can read all about that technique in this post. 

Here is the new patina drying outdoors. 

metal ornate base

As it turned out, this find was actually a treasure! When I googled a photo I took using Google lens I found out that this was the base to a vintage Pitman Dreitzer punch bowl.

Just the base of the punch bowl like the one I found was on Ebay going for about $100!

While I have no need for a fancy punch bowl,  here is what I decided to do with this fun ornate base. 

First, if you add a glass top... (which came from another great thrift store find) 

base with glass globe

it makes a gorgeous candle holder. 

lit candle in candle holder and base

If you add a basket and a Christmas tree it makes a beautiful holiday tree stand! 

tree in golden base

You can read all about the orange slices in this post

tree with oranges in metal base

When I added a lantern, it made the neutral lantern look even more special! 

lantern in metal base

A planter base? Sure why not? It is amazing how many things fit perfectly in this base! 

metal base with planter

Anything you put in this base makes it special! You can also use this base all year long!

plant and planter in metal base

My favorite use for this base however is with a wooden bowl. 

tree with oranges in wooden bowl and stand

I found this bowl covered in grease and dirt recently. I soaked it in oven cleaner, sanded it, scrubbed it and brought it back to it's original look.

wooden bowl in metal base


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ornate metal base with overlay

The next time you're in the thrift store and find yourself wondering if you should grab something unusual, the answer is yes! Grab it! 

gold stand with pot and overlay


Golden ornate base

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tree with oranges and basket with base


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