Ribbon Wrapped Candy Canes

Today I'm making candy canes! Not the good ones that you eat but cute ones that you can hang on the tree, decorate a gift, or just fill a bowl. 

These are so easy to make and you can coffee stain them to give them a vintage look. 

The supplies are simple to get and you can make a dozen in no time! 

Take a look...


candy cane bundle with tag

The first thing I did was to grab some red and white striped ribbon. I had some already but I might look for a vintage looking ribbon if I had to buy new.  Or.. you might want to try another red and white ribbon.

spools of red and white ribbon

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To get the vintage look, I dipped my ribbon in a coffee bath. 

ribbon in coffee bath

To make a coffee bath I used a cup of black coffee and added a tablespoon of instant coffee.  

coffee bath with instant coffee

All I did was to dip the ribbon in the coffee and lay it out to get some of the liquid off. The longer you leave the ribbon in the bath, the darker the color will be. 

ribbon on paper towels

Meanwhile, I took a length of rebar wire, the length is up to you. The candy cane I started with used about 2 1/2' of rebar wire. If you don't have rebar wire in your craft room yet, you'll use it a lot! 

rebar wire and wire cutter

I folded the rebar wire in thirds and looped the sharp ends with a needle nose plier. I also squeezed together the loops of the wire. 

rebar wire candy cane

Then bent the tripled wire into a candy cane shape. I made 3 different sizes. 

Next, I grabbed the striped ribbon, it was still damp when I did this which made it easier. Make sure it is not too wet or it will turn black from the wire. You can wrap it dry but you may need a little glue along the length of the wire to hold it in place. 

I looped the ribbon through the end of the wire then started to wrap. 

ribbon and rebar candy cane

Because the ribbon was wet it adhered nicely to the rebar wire. 

wrapping ribbon around wire

Now rebar wire will rust so don't have the ribbon too wet, though a rusty look on the wire might be nice! 

I wrapped the ribbon all the way to the other end of the wire and pushed it through the loop on the other end of the rebar wire. 

ribbon wrapped candy cane

That's it. 

Then I made a bunch more! 

three ribbon wrapped candy canes

I tied the candy canes together in a bundle with jute twine. 

I made a tag from a coffee stained ribbon of drop cloth fabric and added a grommet. 

stamped ribbon and stampers

I stamped NOEL into the fabric using click together letter stamps and my candy cane bundle was finished! 

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candy canes with a tag and overlay

These will be so cute in a bowl for Christmas.

bowl with beads and candy canes and overlay


bundle of candy canes with tag

This is a simple, vintage looking primitive project for Christmas that couldn't be easier to make! 


3 candy canes with tag

Try the same technique using scrap fabric from the donation pile. Just tear ribbons from the fabric and start wrapping! Maybe some red plaid wrapped around the wire? 

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primitive candy canes in a bundle


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