Coffee Stained Snowman

Are you ready for snow? Do you already have snow? I'm not a big fan and I'm hoping the Farmer's Almanac is wrong because they say we are in for a lot this year. 

Do you believe in the Farmer's Almanac predictions? 

Anyway, love snow or hate it, you're gonna love making this adorable 2 foot high snowman that can be customized to fit your decor. 

I started with a few supplies from the dollar store and whipped this guy up as soon as I got home. 

Take a look...


Snowman and wreath

Dollar Tree to the rescue for this one!  While cruising the store I noticed a stack of glass jars on one of the end caps. 

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stack of jars

The 3 layers of jars were stacked so neatly...  they almost looked like a snowman! 

And so it began... I purchased 3 jars and a package of 2 tall white socks.

 jars and socks from dollar store

At first I thought about spray painting the stacked jars white but when I saw the socks I had a better idea. 

Now I wanted my snowman to be off white and a little rustic so I coffee stained the socks I bought.  You can certainly leave them bright white for your snowman. 

I made a coffee bath of cold brew instant coffee and water. I put about 4 scoops in 2 cups of water.  I immediately dropped 2 socks into the coffee bath. 

coffee and container of coffee

I only left the socks in the coffee for a few minutes then I wrung them out and rinsed them under water. They got much lighter. I then squeezed out the water and threw them into the dryer. 

socks in coffee bath

Once dry, the socks were the perfect color!  I'm only using one sock for this project so I'll save the other stained sock and the other 2 white ones for something else. They actually look a little dirty in this photo! 😂

coffee stained sock

The first thing I did when the sock was dry was to put a jar into the sock and slide it all the way to the top with the lid down.  The jars each have one flat side so I alternated the flat side when I put them in the sock. 

one jar inside of sock

I pulled back the sock and hot glued the second jar to the lid of the first one then pulled up the sock. 

stack of 2 jars one in sock

Next, I pulled back the sock and hot glued the third jar to the lid of the second and pulled up the sock. The sock fit perfectly around all 3 jars. 

Three jars in a sock

I hot glued the end of the sock to the last lid. Note: all the jars are in the sock lid side down. 

3 jars in a sock

Now it was time to decorate!! 

I grabbed my button jar and found buttons that would work for the buttons on the snowman's belly, his eyes, and tiny ones to create a mouth. I used hot glue to attach all the buttons. 

snowman and buttons

For the nose, I had some orange painted fabric leftover from the jack-o-lantern banner I made recently so I cut out a carrot nose and hot glued it on the snowman's face. 

snowman face with carrot and buttons

I'm using recycled fabric I had in my workshop, I wasn't sure just what I was going to use for the hat so I brought up a few choices. 

pile of fabrics

For the hat I ended up going with the easiest one. A knit sleeve cut from the arm of an old sweater. It was perfect to make a little hat for the snowman. 

sweater sleeve

At the top of the sleeve where it was cut, I tied a piece of string very tightly. I used a comb to brush out the stitches then trimmed the edges to create a little pom pom.  I just folded over the cuff to create the cutest winter snowman hat! 

knitted snowman hat

Next I did the scarf by tearing off a piece of an old fabric napkin I had and fringed the ends. 

black and red scarf

I tied the scarf around the neck of the snowman. 

snowman head with hat and scarf

Now for the arms. I'm using 2 small sticks. I cut a tiny snip in the sock, don't make it too big or it will unravel. I put a couple drops of hot glue in the hole then stuck the stick into the hole and added more glue. 

I had an old driftwood board I found while on vacation so I used hot glue and E6000 to attach the snowman to the board. 

driftwood board for snowman

I made a shovel for the snowman with a dirty dowel and a piece of galvanized steel. 

Lastly I put a little Polyfil pillow stuffing around the base of the snowman for snow. 

standing snowman with shovel

Isn't he adorable?!! He reminds me of another light up snowman I made a few years ago from recycled light globes! 

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snowman with wreath and overlay

I'm adding fairy lights to the snow at the bottom so he lights up. 

snowman with fairy lights


snowman with shovel and overlay

I had so much fun making him and he reminds me of a snowman I made years ago using repurposed bathroom lights. 

snowman and wreath

See how I made the wreath display here


snowman with hat and shovel

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snowman with lights and overlay


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