Vintage Brass Color Technique

Have you seen the large "brass" bells in the Target Dollar Spot? They were  $5 and had a great large jute hanger!

Problem was... the color was all wrong! The "brass" wasn't even a good gold color. 

But I bought the bell and brought it home and fixed the color. 

Today, I'll show you how to get the vintage brass look on an inexpensive bell. 

Take a look...

Before and after of target bell

Can you see the difference?  The one on the left was the original finish on the Target bell.  Ugh, not even a little bit right! 

target bell with original finish

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I made it look like a high end vintage bell now and I used what I had in my workshop. If you have these supplies, or need to buy them, you'll use them over and over! 

Here is what I did...

First, I spray painted the bell with a light coat of Krylon 18K gold spray paint. This one is my favorite gold. 

bell and gold spray paint

I wasn't too careful with the spray paint, it is ok if some of the original color shows. 

bell and gold spray paint

When the spray paint was dry, or almost... I began adding Rub and Buff in the color Gold Leaf. You can see how it dulled down the gold spray paint. I actually need to buy more! 

I just used my finger and just spread it all around. 

bell and rub and buff gold leaf color

Next, I grabbed some dark wax. Any kind will do. Don't worry, you'll use this many times! 

bell and dark wax

I used a brush and just dabbed and rubbed the dark wax all over the bell. 

brass bell with dark wax

In some places I dabbed a lot of wax and in other places I just used a little. 

I used a soft brush to buff the bell slightly. 

vintage brass bell

That's it! 

hanging bell with vintage brass look

I did the same treatment to the little bell bottle opener from the Target Dollar Spot as well. It used to be very gold and shiny!

large bell and small bell with vintage color

My bell now had a vintage brass look instead of a brownish painted look. 

bell before and after color

Sorry Target... It's a great bell but your color was way off! 

hanging vintage looking bell

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vintage brass bell with overlay

I hope you see how easy it is to transform something inexpensive into one that looks like you paid a lot for it. 

2 bells with vintage color


brass bell hanging from hook with greenery

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hanging bell with brass look

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hanging bell with vintage makeover


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