Jewelry Organizer for Large Earrings

I've been on the lookout lately for something to keep my large summer earrings organized and after searching the stores and the internet I decided to make my own. 

large cabinet window


First, I checked in Marshalls but I couldn't find anything large enough to hold large earrings. 

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I almost bought a large framed bulletin board but decided to check to see what I had at home first. 

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I had 2 long windows that were part of the kitchen cabinet haul I picked up a few years ago

6 panel kitchen cabinet window

Luckily enough, these windows would be easy to repurpose, the glass in the back was held in with clips and just popped out in one piece. 

Now I'll need a project for the glass. 😁

I was trying to figure out what I could put in the frame that would hold earrings so they would be easy to get in and out. 

I decided on lace

You could also do colored lace to go with your decor

lace on a window frame

The earrings would stick into the lace beautifully! 

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So I got started, I cut a piece of lace the size of my window opening and used hot glue to glue the lace all the way around the inside of the frame. 

lace hot glued inside of window

I was sure to get hot glue on all the center strips of wood too so the lace would hold taught. 

Did you know the dividers were called muntins? 

lace on white window

When the lace was all glued in place I added 2 picture hangers to the back of the frame. 

D ring picture hanger on back of window

This was such a simple project and the perfect place to hang large earrings. 

hanging earring window from hooks with hat

Notice I left room for more

lace window with earrings

Now I can hang this frame in either direction in my bedroom closet or sit it on my dresser where the earrings are easily accessible

large hooks with hanging window for earrings

It sure looks pretty too! 

The DIY tiered tray for jewelry holds bracelets and other small items. 

earring display on dresser

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lace on a window with overlay for Pinterest

earring display on dresser with overlay

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