DIY Farmhouse Lantern

If you've been following along you know I jumped on the bandwagon and made a pumpkin lantern out of car tracks from the Dollar Tree. Today I'm using that same idea and repurposing a wooden roller shade I had in the basement...

lantern base with candle and wreath

To begin this project I pulled apart the shade and gathered 4 of the many wooden slats from the shade. 

wooden slatted roller shade

Don't you worry, I will find a great use for the rest of them!  

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This project can be done with any kind of flexible slats from an old shade, even old plastic Venetian blinds. 

Believe it or not, the pumpkin lantern I made recently used car tracks as the sides of the lantern. 

I'm also using an old wooden sign that I no longer need as the base of this lantern. 

Signs like this one can be purchased at the dollar store too. 

I used Krazy Glue Gel to attach the wooden slats to the inside of the sign. 

clamps holding slats in place

I used plastic clamps to hold them until the glue dried, these clamps come in useful for so many projects.  

I used an old finial and a large washer for the top of my lantern and used hot glue to attach it.

wooden finial


I also used hot glue to make sure all the slats met at the top of the lantern. 

You can cut the slats to make a smaller lantern but I used them full size, about 32". 

wooden slats to form a lantern

When the glue was dried I removed the clamps and took it outside for spray painting. 

I gave the lantern about 2 coats of white spray paint with primer. 

white spray painted lantern

top view of painted lantern

When the paint was dry I filled the bottom of the lantern with a wreath which can be changed out for any season. 

wreath and candle in base of lantern

You can line the bottom of the lantern with decorative paper that can also be removed with each season. 

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lantern and overlay for Pin

You can also add a raffia bow to the top of the lantern if you wish. 

lantern with raffia bow

I inserted a flameless candle in the center of the wreath and my easy lantern was finished!

lantern with candle and wreath on table

I think it looks adorable and made new use of something that was headed to the trash. 

white lantern with wreath and candle

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White lantern with wreath and candle

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         top view of lantern with wreath and candle


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