Easy Dollar Store Jute Pumpkin

Here is a fun fall project that uses supplies from the dollar store and many you may already have at home. Add this little cutie to a wreath or hang it around your home to decorate for Fall! ...

coil of thick jute from dollar tree

Today I'm going to make a pumpkin and the photo above was my thought process in action! 

I grabbed a package of the thick jute rope from Dollar Tree like I used on this hanging basket I made. 

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The length of jute you decide to use will determine the size of your pumpkin. 

I used the whole package, you could even make a larger pumpkin using more jute. 

First, I cut a circle a little larger than the size of the pumpkin I was making. 

cardboard circle and craft knife

I found the center of the circle and added a drop of hot glue.

wrapping jute on cardboard

I continued adding hot glue and wrapping the jute around the center until I got to the end of the jute and ended it with more hot glue. 

wrapping jute in a larger circle

My jute had clear tape on each end, I removed it. 

Now I grabbed a wine cork, and I have plenty, and cut it to the size I needed with a craft knife. 

cutting a cork with a craft knife

Be careful of your fingers! 

cork cut in half

I then cut the cork in half to create a stem for my pumpkin. 

I glued the stem to the cardboard at the top of the pumpkin. 

twine pumpkin with cardboard edge and stem

Next, I trimmed off all the extra cardboard. 

jute pumpkin unpainted

Now it was time to paint. 

You can skip this step if you like the color of the jute for your pumpkin. 

I used a fairly dry brush and orange chalky paint and kept brushing until I reached the color I wanted for my pumpkin. 

Dry brushing is just putting a small amount on your brush at a time and build up the paint to your desired color. 

orange dry brushed jute on pumpkin

I let the pumpkin dry then added Spanish moss, a wire tendril, and a fall leaf to my stem. 

leaf and tendril with spanish moss

Most or all of these items can be found at the dollar store. 

Lastly, I added a ribbon to the top of my pumpkin and I was done!

orange jute pumpkin with leaves and stem


This little cutie can be hung around the house anywhere! 

jute pumpkin on brick background

If you have a Fall tree, a smaller version would make a great ornament! 

A larger one would make a great wreath for the front door! 

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dollar store pumpkin and overlay

I hung my pumpkin up with a beaded garland. 

jute pumpkin and beaded garland

I purchased this long beaded garland recently for less expensive than I could make it myself and it comes in all colors! 

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orange jute pumpkin with leaves

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jute pumpkin and beads


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