Fall Flameless Candle Centerpiece

Here is a fun Fall project I created using a repurposed embroidery hoop. It makes the perfect flameless candle centerpiece and the supplies are very inexpensive. You will love how cost effective and easy it is to make from things you may already have at home! 

embroidery hoop centerpiece with leaves and a candle

You can use any size two piece embroidery hoop for this project. 

The larger, the more of a statement it makes!

2 piece embroidery hoop

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The embroidery hoop I am using today is a 12". 

I began by slightly turning the inside part of the hoop to create a 3D effect and used hot glue and E6000 glue to secure it

Next, I added a string and brought it outside to spray paint. 

hanging embroidery hoop painted orange

I used an orange spray paint with primer to paint the hoop to resemble a pumpkin. 

When the paint dried I began layering faux fall foliage in the bottom of the circle. 

leaves wired to embroidery hoop

I began with fall leaves and then added berries, securing them with hot glue and floral wire. 

berries and leaves attached to hoop

I added a 3 1/2" wood slice slightly off center in the middle of the foliage and secured it with small scraps of wood for balance. 

Next, I added a burlap and lace bow with hot glue. 

fall centerpiece with overlay

The wood slice is to hold a flameless candle, you wouldn't want to use a real candle because of the fire hazard. 

I sat the centerpiece in a small dish to create a base for the hoop. 

flameless candle and fall leaves

The centerpiece is a beautiful addition to the center of the table or the mantel for Fall. 

fall centerpiece with tray

This was an easy project and most of the materials I used are readily available at the dollar store, craft store, or Amazon

fall hoop centerpiece

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fall centerpiece with overlay pin

I used another embroidery hoop in the past for this simple Fall wreath

Also a beautiful one for the Spring.

flameless candle with hoop and leaves

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Pumpkin centerpiece


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