Mini Wooden Block Pumpkins

Today I'm going to share a pumpkin project I've seen around a lot lately.  I'm putting my own spin on it which I think makes all the difference! All the items can be purchased in the dollar store and these pumpkins just couldn't be cuter!  

dollar tree pumpkin supplies

I began with a package of wooden stacking blocks like Jenga blocks but smaller, a package of Spanish moss, and a sprig of leaves and pumpkins, all from the Dollar Tree store.

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And here is the key to the whole thing... 

real pumpkin stems

I saved my mini pumpkin stems from last year!

You can buy similar stems on Etsy! 

They will be great on so many pumpkin projects in the future! 

In the past I've made many projects using Jenga and similar blocks, this one was another that was fun and easy! 

I began by hot gluing 3 wooden blocks together side by side. 

And let me just say that if you've never used a hot glue gun with a thin tip it's a real game changer! 

sets of 2 and 3 blocks side by side

Then 2 sets of 2 blocks side by side. 

I stacked these together with the hot glue then added one more single block on each side. 

stacking rows of pumpkins

Another variation is to leave off the single blocks on the end and just make a 3 layered pumpkin. 

stack of 3 layers of blocks

Here they are both ways...

wooden block pumpkins

Next, I used Rustoleum Transformations decorative glaze to stain my pumpkins. 

stained wood block pumpkins

When the stain dried I used a small amount of off white chalky paint and just messy painted a quick coat on each pumpkin. 

white wooden chalky paint pumpkins

You could certainly use orange paint now but I just love neutrals

The trick here is to let the stain show through and then you don't need to sand. 

Next, I added a tiny bunch of Spanish moss to the top of my pumpkin with hot glue. 

white distressed pumpkins with Spanish moss

Then I added the stem! 

wooden pumpkins with real stems

Don't the real stems look great!?

You could also add a small pumpkin leaf like the one I pulled off the dollar store sprig. 

pumpkins with leaf

These came out adorable and they took minutes to make! 

I stuck mine under a cloche I had made in the past. 

wooden pumpkins under a cloche

To make the cloche I just added a wooden knob to the top of a glass cloche I purchased in the craft store using E6000 glue

pumpkins under a cloche

You could also make a smaller one with a stemless wine glass

Or hey have a glass of wine while you work! 

Stay tuned, I'm going to show you how to make a small glass cloche next! 

They just couldn't be cuter and the best part is the real pumpkin stems on top! 

DIY pumpkin and cloche with fall leaf

I think I'm also going to try this using 2x4" pieces of wood for a larger pumpkin! 

I'll keep you posted so before you go please scroll back up and sign up for the Homeroad emails so my next DIY tutorial will go straight to you! 

wooden block pumpkins with real stems


I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. These are awesome and look so special under the cloche!

  2. What a great idea, you got me thinking to use my wood scraps.

    1. Yes Maria!! I made one coming up with 2x4 scraps too!

  3. What a great idea. We have some Jenga block lying around somewhere. I'll have to see if I can find them

    1. Get on it! They are fun to make :) Thanks for visiting !

  4. These turned our adorable! What a great way to use old Jenga blocks :) I love your avatar!

  5. Very creative Looks good for the coming fall.

  6. I keep my old stems, as well. I LOVE how your darling pumpkins turned out and the creative way you added the stems! Such a unique and fun project, Susan.

    1. The old stems are the key! Thanks for visiting Meegan!

  7. Replies
    1. Cat you really need to make these!!! They are adorable and you can make a ton of them for a buck!

  8. These pumpkins are totally awesome! Love them, and I intend to make some and paint them cream, green, and burnt orange! May use rope or old sticks for the stems. Thanks so much for sharing another fall decor piece! Love those Jenga blocks!

    1. Thanks so much and thanks for visiting!! Enjoy making your pumpkins!!

  9. Any suggestions if you do not have old pumpkin stems to make the stem on this? I love this, great idea, I defiantly want to make some

    1. Hi! I would use sticks from the yard… I think they’d look just as good 😊

  10. I've made 8 of these pumpkins thus far! I am giving two of them under small cloches to friends wih whom we have crafting bees. I may donate some to a local charity after I choose my favorite! These are adorable and so quick to make. I just love them.


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