Scrap Fabric No-Sew Pumpkin Pillow

If you're following along you may have seen me create pumpkins from the fabric scraps I gathered from a rag placemat.  Today I'm using more of those rags to create a no-sew pumpkin appliqué for a pillow cover and I have to say I love it!

ironed fabric scraps for pumpkin pillow

If you missed the fabric scrap pumpkins made from a rag placemat you can read about it by following the bold link. 

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I began by taking apart the placemat into strips of fabric

You do not need to use a placemat for this project, you can use any strips of fabric, even recycled clothing. 

fabric strips from rag placemat

There is a lot of fabric in this placemat and if you read The Shabby Tree, Barb took apart a rag rug and got a ton of fabric for projects! 

I grabbed the colors I wanted to to make a pumpkin and ironed each strip fairly flat with my mini craft iron. 

I left some of the folds in the fabric for texture. 

ironing fabric scraps

This iron is perfect for small jobs where a large iron might burn your fingers. 

ironed fabric scraps

Next, I drew a large pumpkin shape without a stem onto card stock and cut it out. 

I traced the pumpkin shape onto a piece of drop cloth fabric.

drop cloth fabric and pumpkin shape

Now using Sure Bonder fabric hot glue, I glued strips of the fabric from the placemat onto the pumpkin shape. 

fabric scraps on pumpkin shape

I was not trying to stay in the lines because I would cut out the pumpkin later. 

Next, I laid the pumpkin cut out onto the fabric strips and cut around the card stock. 

card stock pumpkin on strips of fabric

When the pumpkin shape was cut I went around with my hot glue gun and made sure all the edges were secured. 

I used two strips of fabric and twisted them together to create a stem. 

twisted pumpkin stem

I glued the stem to the back of my fabric pumpkin shape.

Now, using a piece of the fabric from the placemat that was not ironed, I created a tendril and hot glued it to the back of the pumpkin shape. 

As you can see, some of the fabric removed from the placemat had this white hitching stitching on them. 

I thought it added interest to my pumpkin! You could also add a pumpkin leaf with some more of the green scraps! 

creating a pumpkin tendril from fabric

I grabbed a white velvet pillow cover and used the Sure Bonder fabric hot glue to attach the pumpkin to the pillow cover. 

fabric scrap pumpkin on white velvet pillow cover

Then I stuffed my pillow with a pillow form and it was ready to go! 

rag pumpkin pillow cover

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pillow on a chair


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