Recycled Rag Pumpkins for Fall

Today I'm taking a great idea I saw recently and running with it!  I'm making a rag pumpkin that is not only easy to make but can be customized using whatever you already have around the house. 

rag placemat

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I recently saw Barb from The Shabby Tree cut up a rag rug and craft with the rags, I thought it was a super great idea so today I'm giving it a try with this thrifted rag placemat. 

I found similar rag placemats on Amazon.

You can also use strips of recycled fabric for this project for a no cost pumpkin. 

I cut apart the end of the placemat and slowly removed all the strands of fabric. 

pile of colorful rags

The colors are amazing in these rag placemats! 

I gathered all the fall colored strands and set them aside. 

fall colored rag strands

Next, I found a couple of large corks I had laying around. 

large cork

You could use a styrofoam ball slightly flattened, or even a wad of aluminum foil for the center of your pumpkin. 

I hot glued one end of a strand to the bottom of my cork and started wrapping. 

rag wrapped cork

You could open the strands of fabric as you go around the cork or leave them more "rope like". 

I wrapped and hot glued at several points and started  new color strands as I went around the cork. 

wrapped pumpkin with rags

When I covered the whole cork I added a little Spanish moss to the top of the rag pumpkin with a stem I saved from a real pumpkin last year. 

rag pumpkin with moss and stem

I liked it so much I decided to do a wider flatter pumpkin the same way. 

For this pumpkin I flattened out the strands a little more. 

fat rag pumpkin

You can add a leaf and if you don't have a real pumpkin stem you can use a wooden finial or even a stick. 


two rag pumpkins

I think they came out adorable and I'm going to add them to my mantel along with the other DIY pumpkins I've made recently. 

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rag pumpkins with overlay

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rag pumpkins on mantel

I think this project came out adorable and I'm so glad to learn about the rags from the rug and placemats! 

If you're looking to put them under glass, check out the DIY cloches I made using something you may already have at home! 

rag pumpkins in a cloche

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rag pumpkins on a pedestal dish

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