DIY Front Door Dentil Shelf

I love the look of a craftsman front door with a dentil shelf! You can find them all over Pinterest and all the new farmhouse styled houses have them. I am lucky enough to have a beautiful new craftsman style front door on my house but I never thought about the shelf. Until now! 

6 light window with dentil shelf

I really wanted a front door with a dentil shelf!

But my new door was a done deal and I didn't have one. 

Do you know they sell them? 

Yes they do... $189.00 for a simple dentil shelf to add to your front door! 

front door with fall basket wreath

By the way that Fall wreath alternative was a project I did recently

But... could I make a dentil moulding for the door for less? 

I bet I can! 

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My front door has been through many different paint jobs in the past several years. 

black front door with arched window and flowers

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yellow front door

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What was I thinking? 🙄

blue door with arched window

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Finally I gave up on the dated look I had and bought a new 6 light front door then replaced the garage door to match! 

Today I decided I had to have the dentil shelf and I was sure it was DIY do-able instead of paying $189. 

I headed to Home Depot and bought a piece of PVC moulding that was 1 1/2" wide by about 3/4" thick. 

The moulding piece was $7 for a piece that would make 2 shelves (good in case I messed up the first one). 

cutting pvc with a miter saw

I measured the length of the window on my door which was about 26" and I added an inch on each side so I cut a length that was 28" long. 

Next, I cut 5 pieces of the same PVC moulding into 2" lengths. 

cut pieces of pvc

I used Super Glue Gel to attach the 2" pieces evenly spaced along the bottom of the 28" piece. 

dentil shelf with a clamp

Next, I used Fusion Mineral Paint in Picket Fence that matched my door and painted the dentil moulding. 

painting the shelf with fusion mineral paint

painted dentil shelf

When it was dry I attached the dentil shelf to the door using a level and E6000 and hot glue, E6000 usually holds just about anything. 

I'm hoping this holds, if not I will use construction adhesive

front door with dentil shelf

I only had to hold the shelf onto the door for about 2 minutes for the glue to dry. 

dentil shelf under window on door

dentil moulding shelf on front door

And now I have the craftsman dentil moulding door I always wanted! 

front door with shelf

Can you do it? 

Yes you can!!

Want to hang a wreath just make the wreath hanger a little shorter and hang it above the shelf. 

wreath on front door

full front door with wreath

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front door with overlay

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white front door with dentil shelf

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diy front door wreath with pumpkin

pumpkin wreath


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