American Flag Shelf Sitter and Pillow

Summer is the season of American flags in our country. 

Today's project can be done using an  American flag on a stick or any small flag you want to display.

I love recycling, especially something that can be used in my home. 

Repurposing new home decor is not only fun but cost effective too! 

Keep reading to see what I created for my summer home decor! 

clock and American flag shelf sitter

I began with a few fabric American flags that were no longer part of a set I bought online

These American flags are tea stained and look vintage. 

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My flags are approximately 7x12" long. 

I had an old frame that used to be a sign that said "relax"... I don't relax so I am repurposing this sign. 🤣

Old square frame with canvas removed

After I removed the canvas I was left with a 12x12" chunky frame. 

My flag was 7x12" so I had to cut down the frame to fit the flag. 

I measured the length of the flag then cut the frame with a small saw. 

ruler and frame

I added a piece of the cut frame to create a rectangle the same size as my flag. 

rectangular frame

I used wood glue and clamps to secure the frame then when the glue dried I used my nail gun to add a few nails on each corner. 

rectangular frame and clamp

The wood glue should be enough, it holds amazingly! 

Next, I used hot glue to stick the flag to the top of the frame. 

flag on top of frame

This was so easy to do, just go around the frame with the glue and lay the flag down as you go! 

hot gluing flag to frame

That's it... my shelf sitter flag is finished! 

American flag and glue gun

side view of flag on frame

Now I can use the flag on shelves, the mantel, anywhere I want to add another flag to my summer decor. 

American flag


It stands up by itself! 

American flag and bust with plant

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American flag and overlay pin

What did I do with the other flags?

flag on thick frame

I made small pillows to throw into baskets or display on shelves. 


American flag shelf sitter and flag pillow

You can also use these flags to make a simple flag garland! 

Or how about decoupaging some to wood scraps for DIY fire crackers?!

I just love these vintage looking American flag decorations for the summer! 

bust with plant and American flag

Thanks for visiting! 

American flag

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bust with plant and American flag


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