DIY BOHO Lampshade Makeover

 As time goes on I find myself more and more attracted to everything BOHO.

Maybe because I grew up in the 60's and 70's but I'm thinking my taste is moving toward the simple and natural designs of Bohemian decor. 

Is there a BOHO Farmhouse? Is that a thing? 

Today I'm creating a simple project that was more out of necessity than anything else and I am in love with the finished product! 

lampshade and cutting boards

In my house with 4 daughters, some grown and some still at home, things change fast! 

When one moves out, the rooms shift, the ones that are still here want the vacant room. 

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It is for that reason I'm updating a small lamp that was headed to the curb and using it in my kitchen. 

small white lamp with white shade

As you can see the lampshade is severely damaged and I really don't want to have to find a new one that will work. 

So I'm doing what I do... finding an inexpensive solution for this lampshade. 

I removed the shade and looked around the house for something that would work... fabric? macrame? 

These were all good ideas but when I remembered the stick runner I found at the thrift store, I knew I was on the right track. 

stick runner and vase

First I wrapped the runner around the shade to see if it would work. 

sticks and lampshade

lampshade and stick runner

The shade was pretty straight up and down so this idea was a winner! 

sticks wrapped around lampshade

I cut the stick runner to the size I needed for the shade then cut it off and tied off the strings that held it together. 

cutting mat with wire cutters

sticks with strings

I wanted to keep part of the runner so I tied it off on the runner end and on the lampshade ends. 

As you can see the runner is held together with strings that run throughout in 3 places. 

string rows on sticks

Next, I laid out the lampshade sticks and ran a bead of glue along the strings to make sure the sticks were held in place. 

bead of glue along strings

I trimmed the sticks using a wire cutter so they were about an inch longer than the lampshade. 

cutting sticks with wire cutter

I was sure to center the string lines on the lampshade. 

2 rows of sticks after cut

Next, I wrapped the sticks around the lampshade using hot glue as I went. 

hot gluing sticks

When I got to the end I secured it with more hot glue. 

I went around the new stick lampshade with the wire cutters to even out the edges. 

trimming sticks with wire cutter

And here is the new lampshade! 

lampshade covered with sticks

It is so pretty and the little lamp is perfect with its shiny textured base. 

stick shade on white base

Wow! This was so easy to do and looks amazing! 

stick lampshade with light on


If you don't have a stick runner, which you probably don't, I would hot glue the sticks to the lampshade then wrap the sticks in two rows with jute. 

boho lamp at night


pin button
diy lampshade pin with overlay

I did something similar with this stick covered candle holder. 

stick lamp with overlay

So the moral of the story is to look around the house and see what you can repurpose before you run to the store and buy something new! 

table with lamp and clock

Thanks for visiting! 

cutting boards, lamp and mercantile sign

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email box with overlay

And the scrap sticks? I've got plans... stay tuned! 

leftover sticks


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