Wine Cork Buoy Garland

I'll begin by saying that I love this project and if you have a lot of wine corks laying around like I do, this is the cutest thing to make! 

This wasn't my idea, I ran across a bunch of inspiration pins on Pinterest.

I'm making my own red, white, and blue version for the summer holidays. 

So grab some wine corks and follow along, it's easy! 

red white and blue buoy garland

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The first thing I did was to grab my supplies:

bucket of string

I am using several different kinds of cording and the corks, well that wasn't a problem at all! If you however don't drink enough wine to make it, they are available for purchase on Amazon.

bucket of corks

First, I drilled a hole through each of the corks using a 1/4" drill bit. The biggest trick was holding the cork still while I drilled straight through.

drilling holes in corks

The bit was large enough to make a hole for 2 pieces of twine to easily slide through.

Next, I painted all of the corks a solid color, either red, white or blue. 

corks on skewers

I slid the corks onto skewers that were set in a styrofoam base to dry. This kept the painted corks from touching anything while they dried. 

When the painted corks were dry, I wrapped Washi tape around the corks then repainted them. 

washi tape on corks

The washi tape made the perfect stripes in the little buoys. If you're really good you can paint the stripes without the tape! 

washi taped corks

painted corks on skewers

I put them back on the skewers to dry. 

When the stripe paint was dry I rubbed the ends of each of the corks on sand paper to distress and round the edges. 

rubbing corks on sandpaper

I have one little cork that had a plastic top that I cut off, this made a tiny float for my garland.  You can add several of these little ones for added interest. 

Now it was time to string the buoys. I grabbed a length of jute twine and a length of cotton twine the same length. 

jute and cotton twine

I used scotch tape to create a "needle" at one end of the twine so I could easily string the 2 pieces through the cork buoys. 

Before and after I added each buoy I tied a knot in the string to secure the corks. 

buoy corks with string

I added a few small bunches of twine that I tied along the string for added decoration. 

buoy with knots

I love the look of these adorable little buoys and I've got a great idea for a fall garland using corks too! Stay tuned! 

red white and blue cork garland

pin button
wine cork buoy pin with overlay

This cute little garland is great decor for a tiered tray, a table centerpiece or hanging on the wall.  I ran it down the center of my long wooden table centerpiece tray

buoy garland and bells on wall

If anyone knows who the original creator of this idea was I'd be happy to give credit but trust me when I say they are all over Pinterest!

buoy garland on centerpiece

Take a look on Pinterest for more buoy garland inspiration! 



centerpiece buoy garland


American flag with hanging buoy garland

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red white and blue buoy garland


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