Vegetable Garden Ideas and Inspiration

Do you have a vegetable garden?

Maybe large pots with tomato plants?

My husband and I did our best to create a modest garden space a couple of years ago when we were home. 

Today I'm going to brag on my very talented daughter and and show you how she built an amazing vegetable garden on the side of their house.

Talk about garden goals! 

raised bed garden with a fence

I share my oldest daughter on Homeroad often. 

I can't help it, from kitchen renovation, furniture flipping, wedding planning and gardening, she has a ridiculous amount of talent.

Today I'm going to show you the garden she built on the side of her house with almost no help! 

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She began this project with 2x6" pressure treated lumber. 

corner of raised bed

She cut the wood to size and built the raised garden boxes using 2x2" pieces in the corners.

raised bed lumber rectangles

If these beautiful raised beds weren't enough, she built a fence around the perimeter of her garden. 

fence post

raised beds and fence progress

She used wire inside the fencing to create a barrier to keep out small animals. 

garden fence progress

We have sooo many bunnies in our area. 

Her garden even gets a gate!

fenced in garden area

Kasey built smaller beds inside the fenced area for lettuce and large pots for more vegetables. 

She found all the large pots on the side of the road! 

garden with fence

The beans are planted next to a chicken wire trellis so they can climb. 

garden trellis and beans

She sectioned off her seeded areas with twine and planted marigolds near the vegetables to keep out the bugs. 

vegetables in raised beds

Corn, tomatoes, beans, lettuce... it's all here! 

planters on side of fence

sectioned off raised bed with lettuce

She even has a few adorable chickens!

chickens in a coop

I can hardly believe the amazing job this woman did on this garden with almost no help! 

fenced in garden area with vegetables

Well maybe just a little help... 

boys helping with planting

I hope Kasey's DIY garden will give you inspiration to attempt something you love. 

Vegetable garden

This is a far cry from our DIY fenced garden area! 😂

I began writing this post about a month ago so I'm including some of the latest veggie pics toward the end of this post. 

Look at those tomato plants now!

tomato plants in cages

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vegetable garden

Planted in this garden:

  • Tomatoes: Buratino and Amish Paste
  • China Jade Cucumbers
  •  Luffa Gourd
  • Dragons Tongue Beans
  • Blauhilde Beans
  • Sweet Corn
  • Spinach
  • Genovese Basil
  • Lettuce: Rocky Top, Merlot, and Ice Queen
  • Kale

latest garden pics

Need a new logo? When Kasey isn't working on her garden or raising her 3 children, she is also a graphic designer with many clients in the New York area. 

latest garden photo of top view


Red lettuce and another little helper ❤️

red lettuce with girl and scissors

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top view of garden



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