Red, White, and Blue Scrap Fabric Garland

It is that time of year when I decorate with red, white, and blue for the summer holidays. 

I've done several fun projects already and with the supplies for this one, I made two projects. 

This pretty garland was so easy to make I did it at work! 

I kid you not! Take a look...

flag garland on burlap

I began this project with red, white, and blue fabric. 

garland supplies

I had originally found these fat quarters at the fabric store but Amazon has many different kinds, I linked to them at the bottom of this post. 

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I made small slits every inch along the fabric and tore down the length in each of the three colors.

torn fabric

This gave me nice straight frayed strips.

I cut each of my strips into about 4" lengths.  

strips of red, white and blue fabric

I used a pretty red...

red strips of fabric

A rich blue,

and painter's cloth for the white...

torn painter's cloth strips

I also used ribbon, lace, and beads to add additional interest to my garland. 

ribbon and lace

Once I got a pile of each color I began tying the strips onto a 6' piece of jute twine. 

knotted fabric on twine

First I tied on red, then white, then blue, then a piece of ribbon or lace, then a wooden bead. 

red, white, blue and a bead strips

I repeated this pattern all the way to the end of the twine. 

red white and blue strips

When I was finished I tied a piece of lace to each end to hold the beads. 

fabric strips and garland with beads

circle of frayed fabric tied to twine

That's all it took to create this beautiful frayed banner for the Fourth of July. 

red white and blue fabric strips

pin button
red, white, and glue garland pin with overlay


Like I said, I did it while it was slow at the pretty little boutique where I work. 

ring of fabric scrap garland

Tie the banner to the mantel, to decorate a table for the holidays...

garland tied to burlap

Tie it just about anywhere!

garland around reindeer head

And I even got two projects from this fabric... check out the flag banner!

You can even make a rag wreath with the fabric strips! 

Here is another fun banner I made several years ago using rags! 

fabric banner on chippy sign


email sign up box

Also! You can make this in different colors for different occasions!  

fabric scraps


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