Funky Flag Banner for the Summer

Here I go again with American flags. 

During the summer I decorate all over the house with all kinds of American flags, most of them I made. 

If you are visiting from outside the United States of America, please consider using the colors of your flags. 

Today I'm using scrap fabric and a good imagination to create this fun and funky flag garland. 

Come take a peek! 

funky flag banner

I began this project with the leftovers from another flag banner I made recently. 

red white and blue fat quarters

I also made torn fabric garland using this same fabric. 

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A few fat quarters of red, white and blue fabric go a long way!

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I found a pack of red and white scalloped banner pieces I'm using for this project, they may have been from Target at one time. 

package of scalloped banners

I cut the scallops straight across and created small rectangles for my flags. 

small striped rectangle of fabric

The funky part? The stripes are going the wrong way! 

Next, I cut small squares out of blue buffalo check fabric, yep more funky! 

blue checked fabric and glue stick

I'm using a regular glue stick to glue the field of blue to my funky rectangles. 

funky flag with blue field

I am using hot glue to attach the flags to cotton macrame twine. 

Hot glue on back of flag

Each of the funky flags have a hole in the top so I tied a piece of macrame cord through the one hole that shows. 

cotton twine through hole in flag

Between each funky flag I glued a small burlap flag and frayed the ends. 

burlap flag

burlap flag with frayed edge

I tied another length of macrame cord between the burlap flags. 

flags with cotton twine

flags and burlap

My funky flag banner is reminiscent of an American flag and looks so cute hanging on my kitchen window. 

Flag banner

flag banner with burlap

This banner would also look great hanging on the mantel but I have another one I made already there! 

coiled flag banner

I told you I have a lot of DIY flag decorations! 


flag banner on kitchen cabinets

flag banner on window

pin button
flag banner pin with overlay

Thanks so much for visiting! 

email box

flag banner on the table



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