Egg Cup Succulents

I had several wooden egg cups leftover from another project and while passing through the workshop today I had an idea! 

There was Dollar Tree floral foam on my workshop table and that was all I needed to see. 

This easy and inexpensive idea looks so pretty on a small shelf and if you're a succulent lover, just anywhere is a good place! 

See what I created from just a few leftover supplies. 

3 succulent egg cups

The wooden egg cups I had leftover when I used them as legs for a cutting board were just laying around gathering dust... until today. 

pedestal cutting board

You can find wooden egg cups on Amazon.


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wooden egg cups

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I cut floral styrofoam from Dollar Tree into 1" slices and pressed the wooden egg cups into the foam. 

floral foam in egg cups

The packed cups were overflowing with the foam so I used heavy duty sandpaper to smooth the edges. 

sanded floral foam in wooden egg cups

Next, on top of the floral foam I hot glued a few different kinds of moss.

moss on top of floral foam

I used green moss and Spanish moss.

moss top of egg cup

I had faux succulents that I saved from a gift someone had given me at one time and hot glued the succulents to the top of the moss. 

succulent in egg cup

succulent in egg cup

succulent in cup

This was easy! 

3 succulents in egg cups

They can be made in so many different combinations too! 

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egg cup succulent pin

If you are more of a "real plant" person you can fill the wooden egg cups with dirt and plant a few real succulents.

Check out this succulent frame I made a while back with real succulents and an old frame. 

trio of succulents in a dish


I am more of a fan of faux plants for many reasons so these are perfect for my house! 

egg cups with suculents


Display them on a shelf, in the center of the table, anywhere you want some cute faux plants.


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3 egg cups with succulents in dish


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