Repurposed Vintage Garden Signs

It's garden time in our area! Finally! 

Truth be told I'm not great with plants but I have been known to grow a nice flower garden. 

Today I'm turning a great road-side find into signs for my garden. 

I love using rusty tubs and found junk items in my garden and today's project is no different...

These vintage red wagon signs were a great find! 

vintage red wagon sides

I knew just what I was going to do with the smaller sides! 

red wagon sides

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I love using old, repurposed things in my garden, we call it junk gardening

Today I'm going to add these red wagon sides to my garden as flower signs!

After all they are kid durable. 

I began with a great stencil, Old Sign Stencil's Fresh Cut Flowers stencil. 

fresh cut flowers stencil

As you can see I've used these stencils many times. 

I'm using Fusion Mineral Paint in Coal Black, I know it stands the test of time on outdoor projects. 

flower garden stencil

stenciled red wagon sides

Now all I needed to do was to stick them in the galvanized and rusty tubs I have on the side of our deck. 

tub with flowers and sign

At the time of this post it was early spring so I just planted these flowers, they are already growing fuller and more beautiful as the weather gets warmer.

metal tub garden

I love the look of the old tubs!

tub of daisies with sign

Or a repurposed enamelware pail for an herb garden?!

enamelware herb garden

Those pansies are even planted in a cinder block!  

galvanized and rusty tubs with plants and signs

This was such an easy project and if you don't happen to have old wagon sides you can stencil signs on wood and stick them in your plants. 

red garden sign in plant

Here are a few more photos of the early junk garden spaces around my yard...

red signs, galvanized watering can and mushrooms

Those adorable mushrooms were made from repurposed vintage bakeware. 


Find the DIY for the American flag garden stake.

wheelbarrow garden

And here is the updated wheelbarrow progress...

wheelbarrow with flowers

Things are coming along! 

container gardens

I use what I have so I can spend the money on the beautiful plants and flowers. 

flowers, funnel and rusty tub

oil cans with flowers

This sailboat weather vane was another road-side find I turned into a solar light.

sailboat solar light and windows

These adorable repurposed vintage tin mushrooms were another easy project for the garden. 

mushrooms in the garden

Here is a sign I made several years ago with the Locally Grown Herb stencil. 

garden sign and hosta

pin button
garden sign stencil pin

Are you wondering what I did with the longer sides of the wagon?


red flower sign

I put them in the garden by the shed for a pop of color! 

garden junk with red wagon sides


tub garden with signs

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metal tub with early plants

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