DIY Mudcloth Stenciled Frame

Did you ever make a project and think you could do more? 

Recently I repurposed a wooden slatted roller shade and made a beautiful rustic frame for an old mirror. 

Today, after living with the mirror for a while I thought it could use more! 

I'm using one of my very favorite stencils and making the frame even cuter than it was before creating a mudcloth design! 

stenciled mirror frame

It all began with this old mirror I had and repurposed the frame with wooden slats.

In case you don't know what mudcloth is, it is an African fabric that was traditionally dyed with fermented mud. 

The designs are amazingly beautiful

I'm going to create a mudcloth design on this wooden slatted mirror. 

frame with plant

The plain version was cute but I wanted to give it more personality! 

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wooden slat frame

I brought it down to the workshop and gathered my supplies. 

I put the stencil on the corner of my frame and began to stencil with this very well used stencil called "stitches". 

By the way on the Old Sign Stencils website all prices are in Canadian. 

old sign stencils stitches stencil


I began with the white paint and using an almost dry brush, I stenciled the design on my frame. 

white stencil on frame

Photographing a mirror is not an easy task, I'm just going to say that right now! 

stenciling a mirror frame

I started stenciling on one edge of the frame and continued doing each of the sides in the same way. 

stenciled frame

After I made my way all the way around the frame I added black dots using the end of a chop stick to the white design. 

white stenciled design with black dots

It couldn't have been easier to transform this plain frame. 

corner of stenciled frame

A coat of hemp oil will keep this finish fresh looking. 

boho mirror on the countertop

I've been having a lot of fun with this stencil! 

boho mirror hanging in the kitchen

I'm so glad I took a chance with this mirror and gave it a little pizazz! 

American flags and a boho mirror

Those easy and funky American flags I made make great decorations throughout the house. 

Did you happen to see what I did with the twin mirror to this one

You're gonna love that one too! 

pin button

stenciled mirror with overlay pin

I love the look of this mirror in my kitchen

stenciled mirror frame

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boho mirror and American flags


stenciled mirror on mantel

Disclaimer: Fusion Mineral Paint sent me this great paint and all opinions are my own. 


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