Faux Enamelware Picnic Basket

I just love enamelware, it's one of my very favorite things. 

I used to have an enamelware collection until I had too much of it and needed to downsize. 

I also like to collect vintage metal picnic baskets and until recently I had several of those too. 

Collections are great until you end up with too much stuff. 

Today I'm going to refurbish one of the old rusty metal picnic baskets I had and give it a cute faux enamelware look. 

white and red faux enamelware box with wooden handles

The first thing I did was to sand off some of the rust and give the picnic basket a coat of primer. 

rusty old vintage picnic basket

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primed vintage box with wooden handles

The hard part was working around those beautiful wooden handles. 

primed vintage picnic basket

I decided I could sand the handles when I was finished to remove any paint that ended up on them. 

When the primer dried I painted the picnic basket with Fusion Mineral Paint in Picket Fence white. 

white painted vintage picnic basket

I gave the box 2 coats of white. 

When the white paint dried I used a sample of red paint I had in my workshop.

Enamelware comes in many colors, you can use any color craft paint for this part!

red paint on rim of picnic basket

I rubbed a line of red paint around the top of the picnic basket with my finger. 

red and black paint for a chippy look

Next, I used a black Sharpie paint pen to add a little black chippy look on the raised corners and around the red line. 

Think about where real enamelware may have chipped. 

red and white faux enamelware with wooden handles

When everything was dry I covered the wooden handles with painter's tape and sprayed the picnic basket with a glossy sealer. 

painter's tape on handles to spray paint with gloss

It is definitely a good knock-off enamelware look and I think it will fool the eye left on a shelf for storage. 

vintage picnic basket stack

The bottom picnic basket is an original I have that is in great shape! 

They make a great set now! 

What do you think?

I think I'll use them to store napkins and placemats I'm not using. 

enamelware picnic box and flower


enamelware box with wooden handles


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               enamelware picnic box pin

I think it was totally worth turning this rusty vintage box into something I could use, the beautiful wooden handles alone were worth the trouble! 

faux enamelware picnic box and flower

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enamelware metal picnic basket with red flower



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