Easy Fabric American Flag Banner

I love this summer and all the American flags that are displayed during the holidays. 

It is something about the graphics of the flag that I love. 

In the past 12 years on Homeroad I've done a ton of American flag projects and sometimes the simple ones are the best! 

Today's project is for the beginner and is super simple to do! 

American flag banner on the stone mantel

I began this project with a pile of red, white and blue fabric. 

red white and blue fabric for flags

I purchased fat quarters like these at the fabric store and have used them on several projects already. 

I used the same fabric on this rag banner too. 

As you scroll through this post please pay attention to the bold blue links for all the details on these projects!

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I love the red fabric I used for the flags, it is reversible and looks like different flag stripes on both sides. 

I cut out rectangles that were about 3x5" of my red fabric. 

fabric American Flags

Next, I cut out small rectangles to represent the field of stars. 

I chose fabrics that would look like stars and stripes, there is no sewing involved, the frayed edges are best. 

striped blue fabric

Lastly I tore 1" strips of a third blue fabric for the ties between the flags. 

I hot glued the small blue field of stars to the corners of the red striped fabric. 

red and white striped fabric on twine

I laid out a piece of cotton twine about 6' long and hot glued the fabric flags to the twine. 

circle of American flags

In between each flag I tied a knot of frayed blue fabric. 

row of flags on twine

flags with blue ties between

Be sure to place your blue field of stars in the left hand corner of the flags for vertical hanging flags. 

row of American flags with blue bows

I made a few more flags with the field of blue on the right for stick flags. 

American flags on sticks

The stick flags are attached to wooden skewers and are perfect to stick in plants and decorate around the house for the Fourth of July. 

American flag picks in plant

The flag banner is being hung on my mantel this year for Memorial Day and the Fourth of July. 

Mantel with flag banner

The candlesticks on the mantel were another easy Homeroad project. 

scrap fabric flags with overlay

The backpack basket of flowers was an easy basket transformation too! 

Mantel with basket and flag banner

Decorating with flags and banners is easy and inexpensive to do for summer decorating. 

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flag banner pin with overlay


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American flags on twine


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