Easy Bowl Fillers for Halloween

Do you decorate for Halloween? I did when my kids were young but I don't so much anymore. This cute little Dollar Tree project is all the Halloween decor I need and they fit right into a pretty wooden bowl...

Halloween bowl fillers

This is quite possibly the easiest project you'll make this season! 

dollar tree supplies for bowl fillers

All you're going to need for this project is a package of fabric pumpkin bags from the Dollar Tree, pillow stuffing, and some ribbon.

I also found some cute ones on Amazon too! 

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pile of ribbon

All 4 cost $1 to make. 

If you have no Dollar Tree around you can also make these with a little orange burlap or fabric and a black sharpie paint pen. 

All you need to do is to stuff the bags with pillow stuffing! 

I usually use the stuffing from an old pillow to stuff my projects. 

Jute twine even comes in the package.

pumpkin treat bag with stuffing

That's it! 

Cute little pumpkin pillows.

pumpkin fabric bag with ruler bow

Tie the top with a ribbon and you're done! 

stuffed pumpkin fabric bag with black bow

If you want to get really fancy you can hot glue the top closed and add ribbon with pom-poms. 

pumpkin bag with pom poms

I love decorating with bowl fillers. 

bowl of pumpkin pillows

I made similar for Easter one year, they are adorable too! 

These are great for the grandchildren to play with when they're here. 

bowl full of pumpkin pillows

Probably the easiest project you're going to make all season! 

And they only cost a buck! 

pumpkin bowl fillers

And if you love the bowl, it was a DIY project too! 

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Dollar tree pumpkin pillows

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bowl of pumpkin pillows with light

Happy Halloween! 


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