Printed & Stuffed Valentine Hearts

I'm experimenting with you today to see if something I hoped would work did and I'm happy to say it worked! 

I took a chance and printed hearts out on canvas to create adorable heart ornaments with my printer. 💘

The ornaments are adorable for Valentine's Day and can fill a bowl or decorate a gift! 

Take a look...

bowl of stuffed hearts

I began with a package of canvas sheets that I got at a garage sale at one time. Amazon has something similar but you can also buy a pad of canvas sheets at the craft store, you may have to cut them to printer paper size.  

package of canvas paper

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I used PicMonkey, the site I use to edit my photos for Homeroad. They have many different options to create, including a free version. 

I found hearts I liked in the graphics section and created a sheet of them using a blank page. 

Here are the ones I printed:

printable hearts

I made a sheet of smaller hearts and one of a larger heart. 

larger printable hearts

I'm using an Epson Eco Tank Printer. If you spend a lot of money on ink for your printer you're going to want to switch to this one. During the lock down I was teaching a pod and I was spending a ton of money on ink! Until I bought this printer that is. It comes with a years worth of ink and the compatible replacement ink I use is inexpensive and lasts forever! I print all the time and hardly ever have to fill it up. 

printed and cut hearts

Anyway... Once my hearts were printed I cut them out and put them back to back. Printed sides out. You will want to choose a symmetrical heart like these so the will go back to back. 

cut hearts

larger cut out hearts

I hot glued a string between the layers at the top of the smaller hearts then went around the edges with my glue gun to attach them. If you are making bowl fillers, you can leave off the string. 

adding a string to top of heart

I added a gingham ribbon to the top of the larger stuffed heart. 

larger heart with gingham ribbon

I left a small opening and added a cotton ball to the inside then closed it up with hot glue. You don't want to use more than a cotton ball size of stuffing, it is just to give it a little bit of poof. 

heart with cotton ball inside

Lastly, I cut around the edges of the hearts with decorative scissors or pinking shears to give it a cute scalloped look. 

I also printed out tags that I created in Pic Monkey and cut them out as well. I punched a hole in one side of the tag and slid it onto the heart string. 

hearts with tags

These are great little accents to a Valentine's Day gift or to hang on a wreath, fill a bowl, or just hang around the house. Maybe even a garland. You may know how much I love to make garlands! 


large heart in bowl

bowl of hearts with tags

So this cute little project took no time and looks adorable. I'm so glad my experiment worked so well and I hope you'll give it a try! 

small heart with tag


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stuffed hearts and wooden mushrooms


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