Winter Snowball Centerpiece

 If you're looking for a beautiful transition from Christmas into winter, it doesn't get much easier than this one!

"Snowballs" are what I think of when I think of winter and they make beautiful decorations in a bowl. 

If only you could preserve a few snowballs for your decor... 

Or can you? See what I'm repurposing today to create the look of snowballs in my centerpiece...

bowl of pinecones and dryer balls

Dryer balls! 

felt dryer balls

Yep! Felt dryer balls make the perfect snowballs and all you need to do is to toss them into a bowl. After all, they sure can take the heat! 😂

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wooden bowl

And if you love this bowl, it was a makeover of mine too! 

Anyway, toss the felted dryer balls into a beautiful wooden bowl and add some pinecones.

wooden bowl with dryer balls and pinecones

Your pinecones could be a little embellished with paint or gold Rub and Buff too, but not necessary to get a beautiful look! 

pinecones and dryer balls in a wooden bowl

Add a lot or a little, you don't need much! 

bowl of pinecones and dryer balls

I like these white felted dryer balls the best and I even use them for my laundry. 

I even made a repurposed pumpkin with dryer balls for the Fall too!


bowl of pinecones and dryer ball snowballs


You can even add lights! These are my favorite votive lights and they have a remote control.

tea lights and a remote

The lights look great in the bowl. And who can't toss a bunch of cool things into a bowl for a great look?

bowl of pinecones, lights and snowballs


bowl of dryer balls, lights and snowballs

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bowl of pinecones and snowballs and overlay

bowl of pinecones, snowballs and lights in the dark

So the next time you need a snowball that likes the heat, use a dryer ball! 

tray with bowl of pinecones and dryer ball snowballs

tray of pinecones, snowballs and tea lights

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tray of pinecones, lights and snowballs in the dark


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