Winter Basket Centerpiece

Today I'm creating another centerpiece idea for winter decorating. This one will fit nicely in the center of a long dining table or on an entry table. 

Everyone loves a good basket and filling it with flowers even during the winter is beautiful! 

Come along and see what I'm using, you may already have everything you need at home. 

Take a look...

Winter centerpiece basket on the table with wooden runner

First, I started with a good thrifted basket. I gave it a quick coat of white paint using a dry brush and a tiny bit of white chalk paint just to brighten it up a little. 

basket with white accents

Next, I grabbed a few bunches of flowers I had in my collection. I chose something that was white and laid the flowers down over one edge of the basket. 

basket with white flowers spilling over one side

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I filled the other end of the basket with Spanish moss. 

basket filled with Spanish moss

I left one cute little bud sticking up through the moss on the other side of the basket. 

I gave the Spanish moss a couple quick coats of white spray paint just to brighten it up a little. 

spray painting spanish moss white

On top of the paint I dusted a little bit of epsom salts to represent snow. It might work better if you use a little snow-like glitter flakes

flower basket

I added a cute little snow animal from my Christmas tree. You could add more or anything else that looks cute and wintery. 

white animal in the spanish moss


floral basket with spanish moss and animal

Another option, and the one I used for New Years is to fill the basket with something sparkly! I used spiky glittery ornaments but you could also throw in some snowflake ornaments.

basket with flowers, moss and sparkly stars


flower basket with sparkly stars

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flower basket and overlay

Such a pretty decoration for any kind of long table. 

basket centerpiece of stars, flowers and moss

The options to change out what is on the Spanish moss side are unlimited! 

long centerpiece basket on wooden board on table

Use this idea to update your flowers for Spring. Add birds, eggs and nests on the moss side! I actually can't wait for spring! 

basket of flowers with stars and overlay

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basket of flowers



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