DIY Small Round Wooden Riser

 I think risers are great and add height and interest to many items around the kitchen. 

After seeing a cute little round one at Target I decided it would be really easy to make myself. 

This project was easy to make using a table jigsaw but could also be made using a hand saw. You could even get a family member to cut this simple shape for you.

Take a look ...

candles with a small round riser

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I began this project with a reclaimed piece of wood from an old sign I made recently. 

wood with circle traced on

I often repurpose my signs. After all I make so darn many of them and I don't sell them so I repurpose the signs into new projects. 

I began by tracing a circle onto the wood. Like I said I cut out the circular shape using a table saw. I bought this one at Harbor Freight for a good price and it works very well. 

jigsaw cutting wooden circle

If you don't have a table saw, a hand jigsaw like this one can be used and comes in handy for so many wood projects. 

After I cut the circle I used an electric sander and a heavy grit sandpaper to round out the edges of my circle. 

sanding wooden circle

The next step is to glue on the feet for my footed riser. I'm using large round beads with a hole in one side and wood glue. 

bottom of riser with feet and wood glue

You can see here that I used a repurposed sign. I actually like this side a lot and a repurposed off-centered design would look great for this project too. Maybe my next project?!

wooden riser bottom with design and feet

When the glue on the feet dried I used a dark wax to stain the riser

stained riser with feet bottom

A little hint to getting good coverage and a great shine is to use an old shoe shine brush to buff the wax. It gives the piece a great finish!

wooden riser and shoe shine brush

If you don't want to stain the riser you could also just give it a coat of clear wax for a natural look or paint it a color to match your decor.  

wooden footed stained riser

My footed riser is the perfect place to hold a candle, giving it a little more interest. 

I just bought the 3 wick candle at Michaels for 70% off in their after Christmas sale! It burns for a long time and they smell great! 

footed riser with a candle

This little round riser can also be used around the sink to hold the soap and accessories. 

soap dispenser riser

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footed riser with overlay

This simple project saved me money on the 7" riser I saw at Target and looks just as good in my kitchen. 

candle riser with black candlestick and wreath

I know this little cutie is going to get a lot of use in my new kitchen!

candles with a footed riser

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footed riser with candle


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