Felt Ball Trivets

 If you've ever seen the felt trivets at Trader Joes then you're going to love this project! 

I love those colorful trivets made from what look like small felt balls, I wanted try and make them myself. 

I waited for Michaels to have a big sale and I was on it! Today was the day! 

Take a look...

felt ball trivets and dish

Michaels has 70% off of all the Christmas this week. That means that even things that are not quite Christmas and things that are red and remind me of Valentine's Day projects are also on sale! 

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I picked up several bags of these felted garlands. See, not quite Christmas but 70% off! Follow this link, they are still on sale!

bag of felt garland

I also grabbed one of the larger felt pom pom garlands. I've had my eye on them for a while too but at full price they were a little more than I wanted to spend for this project. 

felted garlands

You will also need some coordinating felt squares

I started working with the smaller garland first... I wanted to create a circular trivet like the ones I saw at Trader Joes and I thought the smaller garland would work well. 

glue gun and felt garland

I placed parchment paper on my work surface so I wouldn't have any hot glue mess on my desk. 

I cut out a circle from coordinating colored felt and started at the center. 

smaller felt ball garland

I glued the starting point to the center of the circle of felt. 

circle of felt and felt garland

I used hot glue to attach the garland to the  circle. The big trick here is to make sure the hot glue is under the garland.  You don't want to get hot glue all over the felt balls. 

trivet with felt back

When you get to the end you can trim the felt backing so it doesn't show from the top. 

felt trivets from felt garland

If you do get hot glue strings on the felt you can use a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the strings.

felt ball trivet

The trivet came out cute but I thought the larger felt ball garland might work even better! 

large felt ball garland

I cut the larger garland in half and tied the strings to keep the balls from sliding off. 

circular felt ball trivet

I began in the center and again and glued the balls in a circle onto coordinating felt. 

felt ball trivets with felt backing

I just love the way they came out! I decided to try one for Valentine's Day. I began by cutting out a heart from maroon felt. I went around the shape with the garland with no glue first to be sure my heart was the right size! 

heart felt in maroon

I started at the bottom point and hot glued the garland around and around until I got to the center.

felt heart with garland

When I got to the center I cut off the extra garland. 

valentines day garland and heart shape

heart shaped trivet

These are so fun to make, I'm sure glad I didn't just buy one at TJ's! 

felted round trivets


I think they really came out adorable! Even though the ones at Trader Joes were not too costly, I just love to make things myself! 

Check the white felt ball garland I used in a previous DIY project. These would look great all white for my house too but they may get dirty quickly. 

hot plates and a dish

The trivets work really well but my favorite are the larger felt ball trivets! 

trivets and a covered dish

Please pin --->> 

felt trivets, covered dish and overlay

The trivets at TJ's were square but I love the circle design as well and I made 2 for even less than theirs.

felt trivets on table runner


stack of felt trivets

I hope you'll give this project a try! I tested a hot pot on the trivet and it worked great, no issues! 

You might want to spray your trivets with some kind of scotch guard to keep them clean.

trivets and covered dish

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trivets and dish



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