Rustic HOME Sign with a Seasonal Wreath

It is no secret that I love everything rustic and black and white too! 

Today I'm combining those two loves in one adorable, easy to make rustic sign. This fun sign has a changeable O for the seasons!

If you have a piece of old fence post or an old repurposed board, grab it and follow along! 

See how it is done! ...

barn wood with wire

This project began with an old fence board that I cut down into 2 matching pieces. 

I attached the fence boards with a piece of scrap wood on the back. 

two pieces of attached fence pickets

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The front of the boards were painted with a white chalky paint and when it dried I sanded the cr#p out of it with the electric sander. 

I sanded until there was almost more sanded area then paint. 

Rustic sanded board

Now it was ready for my stencil. 

Today I'm using a stencil I've had for a while from Old Sign Stencils. It is the Farmhouse stencil and lucky enough it had just the right letters in Farmhouse to stencil the word HOME

farmhouse stencil

To satisfy my love for black and white and graphic designs I am stenciling today with Coal Black by Fusion Mineral Paint. The deep rich black will be in direct contrast to the light sanded rustic paint surface. 

stenciled E with green painter's tape

I centered the E at the bottom of the board then ran a line of painter's tape along the edge so I could make the H at the top centered in the same place. 

stenciling the M with black paint

I then removed the tape and stenciled the M over the E.

I'm not stenciling the O for this project but you certainly could. I'm creating a space that you can fill with a seasonal wreath or ornament. 

stenciled sign with no O

First I made a wire wreath but I'll show you several other options. I wrapped the covered wire around something round about 10 times then slid it off. I twisted the end of the wire around the circle several times to create the look of a wreath. 

wrapped wire around cylinder

You can also use a leafy wire to make a wreath that looks like a small boxwood wreath. I do love this look too. 

green boxwood wreath

You can attach the wreath with a staple gun that uses small U-type staples. The small staples can be hidden by the wreath. 

wire wreath for an O

Tie a simple little black and white ribbon on the wire wreath and you've got a simple barbed wire look. 


wreath with black and white ribbon

Another idea is to use a dot of velcro and use a snowflake, heart, or shamrock for the O and change it with the season!

wooden snowflake O

Here is a technique I use often when my paint bleeds slightly under the stencil, I use a razor blade to scrape off the paint! It works very well especially on unpainted surfaces. 

razor blade on lettering

upside down home sign with wreath

Another little helpful hint is the pallet I use for stenciling... I use an old tile (you can see it's been used a lot!) to offload the paint as I stencil so I don't get too much paint on the brush. 

tile with paint on it

This cute sign is the perfect representation of the styles I love in my home! Rustic and bold black and white design.

home sign with snowflake O

And it is so much fun to change out the O!

HOME with wreath as the O

Use any colors that go with your home on this easy to stencil sign. 


Which one is your favorite? 

Home sign in kitchen with wooden signs

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home sign with heart, snowflake, wreath and overlay

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black and white HOME sign with wreath

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