Filigree Heart Garland with Rust Technique

I'm experimenting today with a product I found at Michaels. It is a rust paint treatment and I'm going to see how close it is to looking like real rust. 

I have my doubts but I'm willing to try this product and see if it works as well as the cinnamon rusty paint treatment does. 

Follow along with me today and lets see how it works! 

Let's go! 

fiigree rusty hearts

So first I purchased a set of filigree looking wooden hearts from the dollar store. With Valentine's Day right around the corner I need more decorations but I don't love the bright red. I had an idea what I wanted to make and what I wanted to look like so we will see if it comes out looking anything like I hope. 

wooden filigree hearts

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I bought the set of Designer Finishes in Rusted Metal from Michaels. It came with 4 bottles of paint and is actually on clearance right now. 

decoart rust treatment kit

The first thing the instructions told you to do was to paint the hearts with the tin color paint. I did both sides and let it dry. I thought the tin color looked great! 

painted tin hearts

Next, they want you to mix the orange (Georgia Clay) with the Textured Sand in a 1:1 ratio. Apply the mixed color to the edges and corners. 

orange and sand

I did this and then let it dry. 

hearts with orange and sand

Next, you need to mix the Asphaltum color with water 1:4 ratio paint to water and give it a light wash over the hearts.  I did this and thought the orange was too orange so I let it dry and gave it another wash over the hearts with a little more of the brown paint. 

hearts with third coat added

I let the hearts dry for a while and I still think the orange paint is a little too orange for the look of rusty look I was going for. 

second coat of brown on hearts

The paint treatment isn't bad but a little too orange for me. 

rusty heart with paint technique for rust


rusty hearts on a wire

The last thing I did was to string a thin black wire through the hearts creating a garland. I used a wooden skewer to create little curly tendrils along the length of wire to separate the hearts. 

skewer with wire tendrill

I hung the garland in several places around my house and I love the look but it is definitely a little more orange than I had hoped. 

rusty hearts on basket

I'm going to live with the color for a while and then maybe give the hearts another treatment to try and tone down the orange. 

rusty hearts on tiered tray

The heart garland actually doesn't look too far off from these rusty bells I hung next to it. 

rusty hearts and bells


rusty heart garland

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rusty heart garland on tiered tray with overlay

Check out the galvanized steel paint treatment I did a while back... it came out amazing! 

faux galvanized look and a brush

I like experimenting with these paint treatments because every once in a while you get a good one that works. This paint treatment set is just OK, I definitely like the cinnamon rusty technique better and I think from now on that is the one I will choose. 

rusty heart garland

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circle of rusty hearts


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