Reclaimed Rustic Sign Table Risers

Here I go again, repurposing a repurposed project! It not only makes sense for me because I make so many projects and it might make sense for you too!

How many times has something you've made or bought gone out of style lately? Especially farmhouse signs!

I'm all for sending my things to the thrift store but what if you could save that step and just repurpose something? 

Today, I'm doing just that!... 

shades of grey trees table risers

You may have seen the repurposed sign small table riser I made recently. For that project I used an old sign but had the design on the back. 

Well it gave me a great idea while I was half way through the project. What if I used an old sign and kept the design on the top?

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That's what I'm doing today! I took a Christmas sign I had in the garage that I made a while back and I really wasn't using it anymore. Truthfully it had gotten pretty banged up over the years. My choice was to send it to the thrift store or reuse it?

shades of grey painting

I decided to reuse it! I cut out a circle and a rectangle from the old sign using an inexpensive hand jigsaw

 reclaimed wood with circle and rectangle

reclaimed wood with circle and rectangle

I sanded the edges and distressed the top image with a heavy grade sandpaper. 

rustic and distressed sign table riser

For the feet I'm using the tops of champagne corks. I used a small hand saw to cut the bulb end of the champagne cork off and I used wood glue to attach it to the back of the risers.

cork legs on table riser


I put these cork feet on the bottom of all my cutting boards in the kitchen. It keeps them from sliding around on the quartz countertop.

rectangular wood with cork feet


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reclaimed wood table riser with overlay

Do you love this design? It is an Old Sign Stencil by Funky Junk Interiors called Christmas Trees. She has a ton of beautiful and well made stencils that can be used over and over again! 

lantern on riser with pine trees

You can stain, clear wax, or paint the edges of these table risers. I'm leaving mine just as they are for now but I may clear wax them in the future. 

table risers with distressed trees

That is all it took! I had the sign and all that was really was involved was cutting the wood.

table runner and beaded tassel

Use table risers to give things importance and height like a simple candle or a soap dispenser around the sink.  

table riser with candle

I have them everywhere! You can read about that customizable rustic wooden table runner here.

lantern riser with pine trees on table

They are really so cute, you're going to want to make them in all different sizes and shapes!

table riser with hot plate and plant



table risers with beaded tassel and hotplate

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grey tree table risers


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