Recycled Fabric Stuffed Hearts

I just love tea towels and I buy them whenever I'm out and see cute ones.

Tea towels are not expensive and often I find the best ones at TJMaxx or Marshalls in a pack of 3 or 4. 

Where do all those old tea towels go to die? Well I'm going to show you today... first they go to the bin in my basement and then I grab the cutest ones for projects! 

Take a look...

cut and embellished hearts

If you're a tea towel lover like I am then you know how many cute patterns they come in. Also, you know that they are inexpensive but did you know that they are the perfect source for recycled fabric projects?!

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Some of the older tea towels that are faded and stained are good for nothing but rags. However, when you buy a lot of them you recycle the older ones before they are even really ready to go... these are the ones I use for projects! 

Today I grabbed a couple of my favorites, a black and white striped, a black plaid, and a red one with white designs. These are going to be perfect for my hearts. 

tea towel with cardboard heart

I started out by making a 5" heart pattern on a piece of recycled shopping bag. The size is up to you. I traced the heart onto the tea towels. Each tea towel yielded 4 hearts. 

cut out heart from tea towel

Once the hearts were cut I ironed them to get out all the wrinkles. 

tiny cut out hearts

I cut a few small hearts from the red fabric and a couple from the striped fabric to use as embellishments. 

stack of embellished hearts

I hot glued the tiny hearts onto the large hearts using fabric hot glue

hot glued tiny heart on larger heart

Again using fabric hot glue, I glued the tea towel hearts together leaving an opening for stuffing. 

stuffing a striped heart

I'm using the stuffing from an old pillow but you can purchase a package of stuffing at the craft store. 

I used the stuffing sparingly because I didn't want my hearts to be too full. I just wanted them to be a little puffy. 

stuffed striped heart

When all the hearts were finished I used a pinking shears to go around the outside of each heart creating a ragged edge that finished off the look. 

pinking shear cuts around hearts

row of stuffed hearts

These stuffed hearts are perfect for decorating around my house. After all, the tea towels I chose went with my decor to begin with, I'm sure yours do too! 

wooden bowl of stuffed hearts

bowl of stuffed hearts

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recycled stuffed heart pin with overlay


I filled a wooden bowl with the hearts and placed them on the coffee table. Even my 7 little grandchildren will enjoy them! 

wooden bowl of hearts on wooden table


I hope you enjoyed this easy little Valentine's day recycled project and you'll come back for more! 

dough bowl with stuffed hearts

embellished hearts in wooden bowl

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dough bowl with heart bowl fillers


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