Easy DIY Valentine Pillow Covers

These Valentine's Day pillow covers are just the cutest and they were so easy to make!

The big take-away from this project is to keep your eye out in the clearance section for upcoming holidays!  

Michael's had 70% off Christmas and I grabbed the supplies I needed to create this fun project. Oh and did I mention there is no sewing involved?!!

Take a look...

xo pillows on white sofa

So red napkins with the cutest pom poms... on clearance at Michaels for 70% off after Christmas. 

pack of red pom pom napkins

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Christmas!? All I could see was Valentine's Day 💖 at that point so I grabbed them. I already knew what I was going to make with this set of 4 cloth pom pom napkins. 

Here are a few other supplies I used for this project:

I began by creating an XO stencil using my Cricut vinyl cutter. I have the small version called the Joy which is less expensive and does everything I need it to do. 

cricut joy vinyl cutter

If you don't own a vinyl cutter you can look on Etsy, many shops will create a stencil for you and they aren't too costly. 

So I cut out the XO in both the Typewriter font and in a cursive font called Small Roundhand which are both free with the Cricut Design Studio App. I try to do free whenever I can. 

xo on napkin

xo cursive vinyl stencil

I placed the stencil onto the center of the red napkin and used the off white color paint to stencil within the letters. I used painter's tape because the lettering was close to the edge.

typewriter xo font

xo cursive stencil

I pulled off the vinyl and tape and hung up the napkins to dry. 

napkins with xo stenciled hanging to dry

I just love how crisp and clean the images came out! 

typewriter xo on napkin

cursive xo stencil

When the paint dried I grabbed the 2 velvet pillow covers I bought on Amazon and used washable fabric hot glue to attach the napkin to the pillow cover around the edges. 

gluing napkin to pillow cover

This is the back, all that was left to do was to stuff a pillow form into the pillow cover and zip it up! I buy my pillow forms from IKEA, they are good quality and inexpensive. 

back of pillow with pom poms

xo pillow covers for Valentine's day

These made the cutest Valentine's Day pillows and pillow covers make so much more sense than having 100 pillows to store for each holiday. 

pillow covered pillows on grey chair

I just love how easy these pillows were to make and they look great with the neutral pillows I already have in my living room.

black and white and red xo pillows

red xo pillows on couch


xo pillow and grey fuzzy pillow


They also pair really well with the fuzzy grey pillows and buffalo check throw I have in my office. 

red and grey pillows on white sofa

The grey pillow in the center is another DIY no-sew pillow from Homeroad.

I'm usually not a bright red kinda girl but these pillows with their cute pom pom trim are just too cute to pass up. 

valentine pillows on white sofa


grey chair with red xo pillow

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red xo pillows

Fusion Mineral Paint provided me with the off white paint. All opinions are my own. 

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