Rusty Galvanized Heart Wreath

I'm experimenting with a different rust technique today, turning a few dollar store items into a rustic Valentine's Day wreath. 

I'm not a fan of decorating with the bright red and pink colors of Valentine's Day but I do love hearts. Today I'm taking some very shiny hearts and making them look old and rusty! 

Take a look...

rusty heart wreath with bow

This project began with just a few items from the dollar store...

  •  A set of 3 hoop wreaths in different sizes  
  •  3 packages of galvanized steel hearts
  •  hot glue
  •  cinnamon
  •  Mod Podge

hoops and hearts

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I began by laying out the 2 smaller hoops one inside the other. 

hoops one inside the other

Using hot glue and E6000, I attached the galvanized hearts around the 2 hoops overlapping the hearts slightly as I went. 

shiny hearts on hoop wreath

You may want to lay out the hearts before you glue to get your placement right. 

galvanized hearts on wreath

Next, I used Antique Matte Mod Podge and dabbed it around the edges of the heart wreath. You can use regular Mod Podge, I just happened to have this one on hand, I don't think it makes any difference on this project but it does tint other projects. 

dabs of Mod Podge around wreath

I used cinnamon to dust over the top of the Mod Podge then dumped it off. 

sprinkled cinnamon on wreath

cinnamon on Mod Podge

I let the cinnamon and Mod Podge dry then went over the top of the whole wreath with another coat of slightly watered down Mod Podge. 

Mod Podge coat over cinnamon

When the top coat was dry I used a flat matte black spray paint to slightly distress the heart wreath. If you hold the can sideways and give little bursts of spray, you will get a splatter effect which I love for distressing. 

I sprayed the whole wreath with a coat of matte spray sealer at the end and added a bow. 

splattered black spray paint over rust

I definitely love the look of this rusty wreath for a Valentine's Day decoration! 

rusty wreath with hearts


cinnamon rust technique on wreath

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rusty wreath with bow and overlay

How do you do Valentine's Day? Are you a red roses and bright colors kinda guy or do you like neutrals and rustic? 

rusty heart wreath


rusty wreath and greens

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rusty wreath on the wall


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