DIY Tabletop Fire Bowl for Roasting Marshmallows

I love my deck and the outdoor space is ready for the spring and summer!

Today I was at Target with my daughter and she found the cutest tabletop fire bowl to roast marshmallows. 

I thought it was the cutest thing but I knew then and there that it was something I could make at home in no time! 

Keep reading to see this fun summer project! 

fire bowl on table with candles and flowers

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The s'mores roaster from Target was this one and was about $40. 

smores roaster box

My daughter brought it right home and tried it out with the kids. 

target smores roaster

I, on the other hand, went home and grabbed a cement planter and a bucket of pea gravel

The dollar store and Target both had bags of gravel this week too. 

cement bowl

I placed a coffee filter into the bottom of the cement planter to cover the hole. 

pea gravel and cement planter

I filled the cement planter almost to the top with the pea gravel. 

cement bowl with pea gravel

I placed a can of Sterno S'mores in the center of the planter and added more pea gravel around it.

You can also use the Sternos that are specially made for s'mores roasters you buy at the store. 

fire pit with sterno

And that is all it took! 

sterno bowl with pea gravel and flame

The fire bowl looks beautiful and is great for roasting marshmallows. 

circular fire pit for the table

The Sterno S'mores last about 2 hours and can easily be pulled out of the gravel and replaced. 

fire pit and marshmallows

roaster and marshmallow

These sterno cans are specially made for roasting marshmallows. 

fire pit with sterno at night

The small fire bowl looks so pretty on the table with the solar lights I made recently

fire bowl at night with lights in background

Replace the top of the Sterno S'mores and the fire is smothered until you want to light it again! 

fire bowl with flame and flowers

Even if you don't eat marshmallows, you'll love the beautiful glow of the fire bowl at night. 

And those great expandable skewers were at Dollar Spot at Target this week! These are also great and very inexpensive. 

fire pit in a basket on the table

Take a look at this quick video...

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sterno fire bowl


outdoor space with table and umbrella


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