Push Pin Christmas Tree Ornaments

Push pins have come a long way! They come in so many different shapes and designs. 

This push pin project probably isn't what you're thinking right now, as a matter of fact, it was nothing like I was thinking... 

I started with simple supplies from discount stores and ended up with the cutest rustic Christmas tree ornaments! 

I think you'll be surprised.

Take a look! ...

push pin ornaments on peg shelf

This project began with a package of 2  six inch styrofoam cones from Walmart. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them when I got home but I was going to have fun creating. 

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The first think I did was to cut the bottom off one of the cones to make one smaller than the other. 

styrofoam cone with bottom cut off

Next, I grabbed some drop cloth fabric and tore off a strip of it about 4" wide and 2' long. 

I began wrapping the fabric around the larger cone using hot glue to hold it in place. If you use a low temp glue gun your hot glue will not melt the styrofoam. 

I wrapped it around the cone, across the bottom and back up the cone. Cut the fabric off where ever you need to. Make sure you have some of the frayed edges showing, that's the best part! 

On the bottom of the cone I cut a small circle about the size of the champagne cork I am going to use as the stem. 

hole cut in bottom of tree

I used the hot glue to glue the cork onto the styrofoam. 

cork in bottom hole of tree

Next, I cut a circle of drop cloth fabric and made a hole in the center about the size of the cork. I put the circle over the cork and glued it to the bottom of the tree. 

circle of fabric with hole

I did the same with the smaller cone. 

finished bottom of tree with cork

Now it was time to decorate my trees.

I found several different kinds of decorative push pins at the Dollar Tree. The ones I'm using today are a velvet look and gold with silver rims. I also found wooden balls, gold tacks, and bumble bees in my office supplies. 

dollar tree push pins with suede

I began adding push pins. First, on the large tree I spaced the velvet push pins in a random pattern around the tree. These are a pretty set of decorative push pins that would look great, and these wood slice push pins would be another great choice. 

suede push pins around tree

Then I added the bee push pins. 

suede and bee push pin ornament

I did the same with the smaller tree only I used several different kinds of push pins. 

tree with several different finishes push pins

At the top of the tree I hot glued a loop of jute twine and a push pin to hold the loop in place. 

loop and push pin hanger on top of tree

I was so happy with the way these cute trees came out! 

push pin ornaments in wooden bowl


tree ornaments on peg shelf

They are neutral, they are fringed, and they have bees! It was a win win win!!

Tree ornaments on peg shelf

I just love them! 

push pin trees on peg shelf with vingette

wooden bowl with push pin trees

Please pin for later --->> 

push pin trees on peg shelf with overlay


push pin ornaments on peg shelf

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tree ornament with suede and bee push pins



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