Pallet Wood Christmas Tree

Today I'm creating the cutest large pallet wood Christmas tree for you! 

Well actually not pallet wood, it was leftover wood that secured a large box for furniture, I guess you could call it pallet wood. Wood from an actual pallet will do the same. 

Anyway, I created as I went with not much of a plan here and was pleasantly surprised in the end when I had a large sturdy, rustic wooden Christmas tree that I loved! 

Take a look...


Pallet wood tree with gold star and bells

Here's the wood I found inside of a large furniture box. Just 2 pieces of good plywood that were about 4' long. You know I couldn't just toss it out with the box! 

ply wood

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So here goes... I cut the pieces of plywood with a circular saw to get rough cuts that were in the basic shape of a tree. As I went along you'll see I moved the top small piece to the bottom for a trunk. 

cut boards in tree shape

I used wood glue and a supporting strip of MDF wood to hold all the pieces together.  MDF is a fiber board that is often found in IKEA furniture backs and yes, I save it.  

back of tree with MDF wood and clamp

I held down the MDF wood with heavy objects and a clamp while the glue dried. I also added a small screw to the back of each panel as I went for extra security. 

clamp and weights to hold down MDF board

While the glue was drying I grabbed a piece of large craft paper to create the shape of a tree that would fit on the tree shape. 

paper tree shape

Once the tree was dry I removed the clamps and traced the Christmas tree shape onto the wood. 

paper tree shape traced on wood

Next, I used a hand jigsaw to cut out the tree shape then gave it a good sanding.

tree shape cut from plywood

I created a stand for the tree using a 2x4 attached to the back of the tree and another for the base. I nailed the base to the tree. 

tree base with 2x4 wood

The next step took place outdoors. I spray painted the whole tree front and back with matte black spray paint. 

spray painted tree shape

When the paint dried I used an electric sander to distress the black tree. 

sanded black Christmas tree

Now it was time to decorate the tree. I decided it needed a garland so I grabbed an easy bell garland I made last year.

bell garland

I wrapped the garland from top to bottom around the tree and secured it with a staple gun on the back. 

bell garland on tree

The bell garland also had a gold star at the end of it which I removed and nailed to the top of the tree. You can decorate your own star with Rub and Buff in the color Gold Leaf. 

gold star

I'm so glad I had this bell garland from last year because it was just what I needed to decorate this tree! 

black rustic tree with bells

That's it! 

black and gold pallet tree

My pallet tree is about 3' tall and it stands tall and sturdy on the 2x4 stand. This wreath stand was also another recent DIY project. 

pallet tree and wreath

As an added decoration you can wrap fairy lights around the tree with the bell garland and it looks amazing at night! 

fairy lights with garland


pallet tree with lights

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pallet tree with overlay

I hope you see how just a few pieces of scrap wood can make an amazing project for the holidays! 

pallet wood tree with lights


rustic tree with star and bells

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pallet wood tree and wreath


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